Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Postcards from an Eaton's department store restaurant

Recently I shared a new book I'd read, "Lunch With Lady Eaton," which told of the many tea rooms and restaurants of the old Eaton's department store chain in Canada. I loved the book, so I was delighted when I was browsing online and came across some old postcards from the store's wonderful ninth floor restaurant in Montreal. Check out that decor!

Even the foyer to the restaurant was quite elegant. Oh, how I wish we could still go there today!

Now I've collected a lot of vintage postcards over the years, but this is one of the few times I found one unused but with a stamp. And what a lovely stamp it is, don't you think?


  1. I went to the Eaton's lunch and tea room in Toronto with my mother a couple of times, and it was elegant. Mother dressed to the nines and I was filled with anticipation heading up the stairs to see all the fancy things. Eaton's and Simpson's downtown were the only place for shopping, as the mall idea hadn't caught on yet.
    The old stamp is probably as much a collector item as the postcard.

  2. You sure do find 'em, Angela.

    I find it all so fascinating!

  3. I can just imagine ladies wearing their hats and gloves when they went shopping and to lunch here!

  4. I would love having this postcard in my collection. What a great find. Yes, I could imagine meeting you there for tea, now wouldn't that be fun! I look for tea postcards when I go to antique shows, but I guess I need to look online.

  5. Wonderful postcard. I would love to take a trip back in time to go there.
    Xo Ruthie

  6. Just beautiful, Angela - it would be great to 'go back in time,' for tea, wouldn't it? You're helping to preserve Tea History, thank you. Joanie


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