Friday, August 16, 2013

Green Tea & Ginger Peel-off Mask

As I am writing this blog post, my face feels softer and smoother than it has felt in years! I discovered a green tea peel-off mask at Walmart the other day, and I think the next time I'm there I will stock up on this wonderful and cheap ($1.37) little luxury from Montagne Jeunesse in the UK!

Perhaps I needed it. I was tossing some Kroger receipts when I got home the other day and discovered the store in Fayetteville had given me a senior discount! Ack! But then I checked a receipt from the Newnan store and saw they did *not* give me the discount, and I was so happy. "Let me get this straight," said my husband. "You're happy because you got charged more money at the store in Newnan?" "That's right," I said. I know you friends understand. I'm not at all vain about the fact I'm 49 and pushing 50, but sheesh, let's not rush the senior thing, okey dokey? Anyway, a little facial treatment is good for both body and soul, and I was delighted this one actually contains camellia sinensis leaf extract. It has a nice, pleasant smell too.

I hadn't used a peel-off mask in years and had forgotten how much I enjoy them! Maybe I'm weird, but I love scrunching up my face as the mask dries and feeling that tightness that lets me know the mask is drying. Twenty minutes after application and I was sufficiently scrunched up that I knew it was time to peel away. My skin felt truly wonderful, and this is a mask I will definitely be using again. I just wish I had a big tube of it instead of a single-use packet!


  1. I understand the senior thing. I'm 60 so when they have to ask I feel better. :)

  2. At age 57, I was recently asked by a cashier at Subway "Do you consider yourself a senior citizen?" (what a nice way to ask!) And yes, if it saves me money, I do, so I told her my age and I did qualify for their discount!

  3. Ooh, thank you! I like the feel of that sort of mask too. I can sympathize with the senior thing. I was dismayed when I turned 40 and already received something from AARP!

  4. What fun!
    I found something similar in Taiwan at the 7-11 store when I was there. It was amazing what you would find there in another country.

  5. My sister gave me one of these a while back.... I've never used it, but you make me want to drop everything this morning and go get 'my mask on'!

  6. Dear youthful looking Angela,
    Very funny post!
    :) Ruthie from Lady B's

  7. That green tea mask sounds great - I want to try it. Thanks for the review.

    I don't have a problem telling the cashier that I qualify for a senior discount - every little bit helps. ☺


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