Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tea catalog season

I usually resent the early arrival of Christmas catalogs in my mailbox, but not when it's a tea catalog! The Bigelow Fall/Winter 2011 catalog arrived this week, and there's lots to tempt. Offerings include a cute beehive teapot and mug, new seasonal teas, some great holiday gift sets, and boxes of Coconut Water tea mixes I'd love to try. Say, have any of you read the Bigelow book, "My Mother Loved Tea"? I may just have to order that!

Another recent tea catalog that came in the mail was this Autumn 2011 Harney & Sons catalog. One reason I like this catalog so much is that it's very educational. I always *learn* something from the Harney catalog, like this tidbit: "Scholars believe that China Black teas first appeared at some point in the 1700s, in China's Wuyi Mountains, in northern Fujian province." Of course I won't pretend I read this only for the articles. Nope, you can rest assured I have already lusted over that Historic Royal Palaces teapot and teacup in the new Harney catalog!

I don't seem to receive as many tea catalogs as I once did. I just requested one from Stash Tea, and I guess I've been bumped off the Upton Tea mailing list since I haven't ordered in so long. Are there any other tea catalogs you're receiving that you can recommend?


  1. I'm already thinking of how I can make mine into something lovely, maybe envelopes or other things. :-)

  2. I didn't know there were tea catalogues. They'd be nice to browse for ideas at least.

  3. I've been dropped from many tea catalogs too. I can't blame them, postage is expensive.

  4. I don't get any tea catalogs, now what's that about. I should at least get the Harney and Sons one, since I just ordered a bunch of stuff. Oh well, I don't need the temptation.


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