Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeing a teacup in a new light

Four years ago, a friend of mine went to the Czech Republic and brought me back a beautiful boxed set of two pink and gold teacups and saucers. I came across them, still boxed, the other day and wondered why on earth I haven't been using them. I used to save my "best" pieces for special occasions, but in recent years I've come to realize that each new day is special occasion enough—and worth celebrating!

For the first time, I believe, I noticed the lovely gold design sitting there at the bottom of the teacup. Must be hard to paint or decorate the interior of a teacup, wouldn't you think?

I've been drinking lots of black tea and spiced tea since the weather turned cool, but with this newly-rediscovered teacup I decided to have some green tea. The taste was so lightly refreshing and satisfying, and I also enjoy how the tea's pale color allowed me to continue to enjoy the beauty of this teacup. Sometimes, I think I just need to slow down long enough to pay attention to the simple pleasures in life!


  1. "Slow down, reduce clutter and simplify" has become my mantra.

  2. Your pink and gold teacups are gorgeous. The medallion at the bottom of all that gold is really elegant. This teacup would make any cup of tea seem like a rare treat.

  3. I am inclined to agree that it is time to bring all my lovely tea cups back into everyday use. I used to just grab a convenient mug in the morning and then fill the to-go thermos with what was left in the pot. After taking the time to brew a proper pot of fine tea, it seems only right to drink it from a fine cup instead of gulping it from a thick lipped mug ... no matter how rushed my morning routines. I am thinking of bringing a nicer cup to work for my desk top tea ... not quite a cup and saucer, mind you, but a lovely white porcelain lidded and handleless Japanese cup.

  4. I am a new reader of your blog.

    What a totally stunning teacup! Really, it's exquisite! And I'm definitely in agreement that every day is a reason to celebrate, so why not use the special items more often.

  5. What a lovely teacup. Through my blog I have met a wonderful lady, and grandmother like me from the Czech Republic. She doesn't have a blog but we email back and forth and talk about life over tea.
    Nothing in our house is saved for special occasions, everything gets used, maybe not on a daily basis but often enough to appreciate it.

  6. What a gorgeous teacup and saucer. I am so glad you found it and are using it.

  7. Dear Angela, I love your post today! The tea cup is gorgeous and I agree with you, take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

    Your blog is always so entertaining and inspiring, thank you so much, Joanie


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