Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Honestly, Honest Tea is good!

Now that cooler weather is here, I'm betting this is the last time you'll read about me drinking a bottled or iced tea for a while! But I was happy to see Honest Tea, a brand I've found at Whole Foods, has come to my local Publix store.

The variety I bought last week was this "just a tad sweet" Organic Half Tea and Half Lemonade, which I noticed because it was part of a special cardboard display sitting at the end of a grocery aisle.

Not all bottled teas are created alike, and I can tell you that I simply loved this one! The sweetness from the organic cane sugar combined with the tartness of the lemon juice made this a winning combination. I was also intrigued at the labeling of this tea as "just a tad sweet," because I think it's a sign we're paying more attention to our sugar consumption. I've started to notice family members and friends in restaurants ordering tea that's "half and half," meaning half sweet and half unsweet. As a tea lover I'm encouraged because I think it's a sign we're moving toward a more "pure tea" taste, and that's a good thing!


  1. I know that mix as an Arnold Palmer, but they probably can't use that on the label. :-)

  2. I saw the same cardboard display at my Kroger yesterday !


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