Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #9 - Turkey & Guava Paste

This week's tea sandwich isn't about the recipe so much as it is about the *idea.* I had decided I wanted to pair sliced turkey with something for this week's sandwich, but I couldn't decide what. Pear? Another cream cheese concoction? All I knew is that I wanted meat and something. Then on Wednesday, I joined my friend Ashly, whose husband is currently serving in Iraq, in a visit to the PX at Ft. Benning. I'd never visited a PX before, and those of you raised in military families can just imagine the surprises that greeted me!

There was a place where you could buy international foods, and several things came home with me: Some guava paste from Brazil, some Tea Time Pâté from Croatia, and some Chinese green tea with jasmine (made in America, but it appealed to me at the moment). All of this cost me just a little over $5.

Now I like juices that are blended with guava juice, so I had a feeling I might like the guava paste. When I sliced it, it was very firm, sort of like a really stiff cranberry sauce but with that nice tropical guava taste. For my tea sandwich, I used a scalloped cutter to cut rounds of white bread (frozen for easier cutting). I spread a thin layer of butter on each slice, then added the thin-sliced turkey and a thin slice of the guava paste. I liked the combination of the sweet guava with the salty turkey. Obviously this is not a food I'll have access to all the time, but it did encourage me to experiment with new ingredients.

Ashly had spotted the Tea Time Pâté, which is basically a $1 tin of deviled ham, but I had to get it because of the name. I used the Croatian pâté as a spread on Italian bread and then added a small round slice of the Brazilian guava paste as an accent, making this my most "international" tea sandwich thus far, I suppose.

I have so much guava paste left I will no doubt be able to conduct a few more culinary experiments. Fortunately, I found a great link online with suggestions for using guava paste. I really enjoy experimenting with new foods. Do you?


  1. Enjoyed your creative international sandwich. Guava paste! Who knew? You found some fun tea party foods at the PX, thanks for sharing. For a sliced turkey sandwich, I like to pair it with a little basil pesto mayonnaise. Yummy! Simply combine some basil pesto (I make mine thick by not adding as much olive oil), and then thin it with some mayonnaise so it's easy to spread. It's a tasty combination and perfect for upcoming St. Patties Day treats.

  2. Yes, discovering and using new foods is one of my passions. The international groceries in my area are a must to visit weekly for inspiration. Have used guava paste and puree in various ways and last month made some Buddah's Hand Marmalade.

    Love your posts on sandwiches. New ideas are always appreciated by tea lovers.

  3. Guava paste?!? Certainly sounds interesting. I like cranberry sauce mixed with mayo on a turkey sandwich. My mom used to love to visit the PX with my aunt in Charleston, SC.

  4. I like to try international foods too! You are very clever Angela! How fun is this and very pretty too!

  5. How fun to get to experiment. I also love to do that. The one I am really liking for tea is Preserved Young Walnuts chopped finely and sprinkle on some form of cream cheese or goat cheese tart. It is so good. Good luck finding it. I found it in a Mediterranean Market.

  6. Angela ,
    You are the BOMB !!!!!
    What an amazing creation. I can hardly wait until next Saturday.

  7. Hello Angela, what a delicious looking (creative!) sandwich! And so pretty too!

    I have never tried Guava Paste before but I'm tempted to try this.
    Those PX's can have a great variety of items and the prices are reasonable. I'm enjoying your Tea Sandwich Saturdays!
    Have a nice weekend, Joanie

  8. Sounds wonderful.I love Guava jelly!

  9. This sounds very good. For those of us who can't get guava paste I would image guava jelly would work.

  10. What a beautiful blog you have!
    I was lead here from a Google search on tea quotes! I enjoyed my visit!

  11. What a clever idea for neat cutting of bread - freeze it!


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