Friday, February 18, 2011

A new tea friend from Hawaii!

The other day I received in the office mail a completely unexpected but amazing package of goodies from a tea lover named Lani in Honolulu, who recently started reading this blog. The gifts she sent were fun and so thoughtful, and I'll definitely be sharing them in the days ahead, but my absolute *favorite* thing about this gift was that Lani shared so much of her heart and even included photos, which she kindly is allowing me to share with you! Here you see Lani and her husband Ken at A Cup of Tea, a Victorian tea room which opened in Kailua, Hawaii in 2008.

Lani has been reading the Tea Sandwich Saturday posts, so she shared some of the tea sandwich ideas she has enjoyed herself over the years, and I greatly enjoyed seeing them! She told of how she used to cut her sandwiches in the style of tea sandwiches to take to work, enjoying the variety and sharing them with her co-workers and also her husband. From left are tuna salad, smoked salmon, egg salad, ham with sliced mushrooms, ham and sliced Japan cucumbers, turkey, American and cheddar cheeses, all on enriched white bread. (Wouldn't you love to have been her co-worker!)

Other times, Lani said, she'd use her lunch hour to take a walk in the park, get a cup of her favorite Pomegranate Blueberry tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to accompany her tea sandwiches, and have her own simple tea party. I like the way she thinks!

Are any of you familiar with this? It's "kamaboko," a steamed Japanese fish cake whose color is a pretty pink. She likes to chop it up, add some mayo and fresh cracked pepper and make ...

... tea sandwiches! She thinks the color makes for pretty tea sandwiches, and I thoroughly agree!

I learned about Lani's lovely church (and a tea luncheon with a great speaker), some of the many other tea rooms she has visited (I'll have to show you one with unique topiaries sometime soon), and wait 'til you see all the cute-cute-cute baking items she sent! Hopefully I will be using them soon and show you the results. But today I wanted to end with this: Lani shared this photo of a very unique type of sandwich she has enjoyed. My scan is a little light, but I'm wondering if anyone cares to guess what kind of sandwich this is. She sent me the recipe and I made it myself for Tea Sandwich Saturday this week, so I'll be sharing it tomorrow. I think you'll be surprised ...


  1. Very interesting new tea friend!!!!

  2. I have said it before and will say it again — the best reward of blogging is the friends we meet! This is certainly proof of that.

  3. What a treat. I have no idea what the sandwich is, but it is very pretty.

  4. I'm making some tea sandwiches for a party on Monday. What's your favorite so far?

  5. What a great post; looking forward to the followup. Would love to know what's in that sandwich. I enlarged the image but still couldn't quite make it out enough to venture a guess.

  6. How wonderful that you have a new tea friend. She sounds so sweet and generous, just like you. It's fun to see her photos and foods. I look forward to your posting her recipes.
    Hmm, maybe lobster or some kind of fish? It sure looks delicious. Her flower is beautiful!
    Love, Carol B.

  7. Steph, my favorite so far is that Olive & Walnut spread on sourdough. So easy but SO good!

  8. How delightful!!!! Thank You both for sharing.

    A local Tea Shop makes a delicious chicken salad with lavender and almonds on a croissant

  9. What lovely photos. Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

  10. Oh my, Hello Hawaii!
    What a fun post - those sandwiches look delicious! Great photos, too.

    Angela, I think it's great how you're 'bringing the world together,' one cup of tea, at a time!

    Looking forward to your Saturday recipes, Joanie

  11. One can never have too many tea friends, and how nice to have a friend from so far away send such a lovely gift. What fun you will have with all of the treats she included in her gift.

    I spent several days in Honolulu and enjoyed the wonderful Hawaiian hospitality and gorgeous weather.

    I made a salad once with pink and white plumeria blossoms and love the look of edible flowers in all kinds of tea foods. Did you make your sandwich with them? My other guess is white asparagus. Will drop back tomorrow to find out the mystery ingredient.

    Mary Jane

  12. @amherstrose
    I am hoping that those weren't really plumeria that you used in your salad as they are poisonous! I am from Hawaii and we are all taught as children about the plumeria trees as well as other inedible plants. We decorate with them, we wear them in our hair and make flower lei with them but do not eat them.



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