Friday, January 21, 2011

Teapot and tea kettle earrings

One thing I've noticed about much of the tea jewelry out there today is that it's "fancy." If you look at the ads in tea magazines, you can find pieces with pearls or crystals or etched beads, but there's not much tea jewelry I would call "casual." That's why I so enjoyed receiving this pair of more modern/casual teapot earrings as a Christmas gift from one of my friends! I also wear a lot of brown these days, so I was quite happy to receive these.

One of my eBay finds from the end of the year had to come from England, and it was this pair of etched gold earrings that I'm saying are tea kettles. (OK, so they might be "coffee" kettles, but this is a tea blog and here they are going to be "tea" kettles.)

Even though I have pierced ears I don't mind wearing clip earrings, and I thought these were particularly lovely. And that's pretty much all the new tea jewelry I've seen in months!


Ginger said...

The brown tea pots are very cute!

Marilyn said...

It is amazing all the tea jewelry you find or receive. What a collection. The brown is fun on the first set.

Anonymous said...

Angela, both are so nice, it would be hard to choose between the two! The golden kettles are precious and the brown set - so sleek & sophisticated - great items both!
Thanks for sharing, Joanie

Misae Richwoods said...

Those are really cute! As they're British I'd think they were tea pots; my Grandma used to have one that shape and few people of her generation drunk coffee unless they were continental European.

tea kettle said...

the tea pots are so cute, love them.