Wednesday, May 6, 2009

World Tea Expo field reports

If the World Tea Expo ever returns to Atlanta I'll be there with bells on, but in the meanwhile I'm enjoying searching blogs for various reports from the 2009 Expo which just wound up in Las Vegas. Here are some of my favorite reports so far.

1. Matcha was apparently the thing at this year's Expo and was featured in lots of booths, according to this piece in the Las Vegas Sun. (Love the photo of the tea hearts.)

2. I love that this blogger actually Tweeted about his/her tea tasting experience at the Expo!

3. This blogger shared some interesting notes from an "Ask the Experts" panel discussion.

4. This blog's photo of the mouse-shaped petits fours was certainly interesting, but I really, really detest mice and would hate to see these on my tea table. Maybe some nice teapot-shaped petits fours instead?

5. And last but not least, here are some new product previews from the World Tea Expo website. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for such amazing information...... Please check out the blog mentioned below, its really cool !!!! Also there is an amazing Tea Game.... Check it out I'm sure you'll love it.

  2. Thanks for these links! I have been anxious to hear news from the Expo.

  3. There is a lot of great info on your links. Thanks. Count me in if the Expo ever returns to Atlanta.

  4. Dear Angela: Thank you for the great update! Once again, you have provided informative and interesting information. Have a great day, Joanie

  5. Here is another good review.

  6. The petit fours were good. I sampled them the last day. Their booth was so pretty with all sorts of little cakes, but I did see the mice.

    Not sure the expo will leave Las Vegas, as that is where their offices are located. It is very spendy for them to move around. Next year is Las Vegas again.

  7. Thank you for the mention! We were happy to blog during the WTE. If we go to Boston WTE we may do it again! -Pearl Fine Teas / TeaLove® Blog


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