Monday, May 4, 2009

The tea table in jewelry

Today I know how Cinderella felt. I don't really care about what's going on at any society ball, but I do care about what I'm missing at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, which winds up today. I'm dying to know what new teas and tea products and tea books are coming out, and I suppose I'll have to be patient and wait for that info to appear over time. So, to distract us (myself, rather), I thought I'd share some more tea-themed jewelry, including a few pieces focused on the tea table. This 1990 pewter tea table pin is from Danforth Pewter and is marked "Tea Party" on the back.

I also like this whimsical tea table where the sparkly teapot and teacup are not exactly sized to scale, are they!

These teawares aren't on a table but on a shelf. I had worn this brooch with the dangling teacups several times before I realized it has tiny gold rhinestones in the curlicues near the corners. And if I'd thought about it before now, this would have been a nice background prop for Emma and Matilda Peep at Easter!


  1. I also wish that I could be an attendee at the Expo - wouldn't that be exciting.

    Your tea table pins are great. I especially like the last one. As for Emma and Matilda - I think they were quite satisfied with their china setting.

  2. Wish I were there, too! I've been once, in its early days, and it was very fun!

    I love these pieces of jewelry. So detailed!

  3. I dream of one day attending a tea show. Wish they were closer to home. We have plenty of facilities to accommodate!
    Love all the pins- such great finds.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Loveliness, thanks for sharing these with us!tammyp

  5. Those are lovely tea pins. Were any of them...perhaps....BIRTHDAY GIFTS?? Now don't blame me for spreading the word about your birthday. I read it straight from the comment by "Southern Touch Catering!" (And you know how "news" flows faster than liquid from a tea pot on these blogs.) If it's true, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Angela!

  6. Angela, I hope you have a lovely birthday celebration.

  7. Birthday? Birthday? Is someone (ANGELA?) celebrating a Birthday? Many happy returns!

    What unique jewelry. I love it all!

    Like you and several others here, I, too, wish I were at the Tea Expo. If only it would return to Atlanta...


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