Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tea room business cards

Over the years I've made a point of collecting business cards from the various tea rooms I have visited. The very first one, up top, is from the Crumpet Tea Room in Rogers, Ark., since it was the first tea room I ever visited. Next is my favorite Georgia tea room, The Tea Room in Savannah, followed by others I have visited and enjoyed. I should point out that the Grand Hotel's tea room, Urban Tea Party and A Time Remembered have all closed, although I have lots of pleasant memories associated with these places.

Last weekend, I was at the Big Shanty Antique Mall in Marietta when I came across this little teapot tin for $2. I liked the handle on it, and almost the second I saw it I knew it would be perfect for holding business cards of tea rooms and tea businesses. Do you save tea room business cards? If so, how do you display or preserve them?


  1. I love the tin!!! It is perfect for your tearoom business cards. I think I need to come to Georgia to visit the antique malls!!! You and I would probably knock each other down diving for the same tea stuff!
    I have visited 3 of these tearooms -- The Tea Room in Savannah, Miss Mable's and A Time Remembered.
    I journal my tea room visits and hosted teas and keep the business cards and photos in 3 ring binders with plastic sheet covers. My way is certainly not as cute as your teapot tin!!

  2. I also collect business cards from the tea rooms I visit, as well as a menu if possible. My latest addition to the menus is a lovely one from Shakespeare's Fine English Tea Room in Palm Coast, FL. My tearoom scrapbook is also bulging with all the pictures from these visits.

    The Tea Room in Savannah is one of my favorites, as well as the tea room in Acworth, GA. It is so nice to enjoy afternoon tea and then browse their gift shops.

    That is an adorable teapot tin. Another great tea find!

  3. Angela, I just linked my post to your blog. Linda

  4. I don't collect tearoom business cards ..... BUT NOW I WISH THAT I DID!! What a cute tin and great idea to store your cards in it.

    Do you remember the little "Calling Cards" book published by Victoria magazine years ago? Someone should publish a "Tea Room Cards" book. (hint hint Madame Editor) :-)

  5. What a perfect tin for the business cards. I have a small basket I put them in.

  6. What an interesting and creative way of preserving your tea room memories, with business cards! So clever!

  7. What a cute Tin!

  8. Hi there! I thought of you when I heard a trivia question the other day: What industry uses the most staples? Tea! Yep, one in twelve staples used are for tea bags, according to a radio guy here in Savannah! LOVE Jane's birthday tea pix! WONDERFUL!

  9. Angela, I love your ideas! Keeping all your tearoom cards in that darling tin! For years and years, I saved any article I came upon that was about tea or tea-related subjects and things. Several years ago, the box of articles was overflowing, so I put everything in a scrapbook about tea, including the business cards from tearooms I had saved. But I like your idea better! :-)
    I also loved the photos you posted of Jane's birthday tea party. You are the best hostess ever!


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