Friday, August 3, 2007

You say Whittard, I say Whee-TARD ...

On a visit to London and Bath a few years ago, I couldn't help noticing that Whittard of Chelsea tea shops seemed to be located on every corner. They had a great selection of teas and lots of tea wares, but alas, that was England, this was the U.S.

This year, I learned, the first Whittard of Chelsea tea shop opened in the U.S., in Boston, and I was intrigued to read it offers a blend-your-own tea bar. Oh, how I'd love to pay a visit and blend my own tea there! If you live in Boston or plan a visit to the city soon, it might be worth checking out.

And a word about pronunciation: I had pronounced it "WHIT-tard" (emphasis on the first syllable), but a press release I received said it should be Whit-TARD (similar to "leotard"). But I spoke to a company rep at the Tea Expo, and he tells me HE pronounces it as I did (WHIT-tard), and furthermore, everyone he knows with the company in Engand pronounces it that way as well. But forget pronouncing it ... I just want to see one open near Atlanta, because I know it would be an instant hit! (For more info, visit

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  1. I actually work for Whittard here in the US, and I can vouch that the correct pronunciation is WhitTARD.

    The store does love to ship, so visit the website and call in a phone order today! 617.536.5200

    And, yes, the blending bar is very neato.


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