Thursday, August 23, 2007

Psychology Today on Tea

Recently I received a free subscription to Psychology Today magazine, and the September/October 2007 issue has arrived with a nice little article titled "Fit to a Tea: Green or black, tea packs a surprising punch" by Greg Isaacson.

I hope you can tell a bit about the format from the photo, because I like the way the magazine lists the medicinal properties of green tea in the first column, black tea in the second column, and both kinds of tea in the third column.

Here's my quickie version: Green tea is good for treating arthritis, cancer, cholesterol, intestinal inflammation, liver disease and sunburn. Black tea: Bone health, cancer, cholesterol, heart disease and stress (tea "speeds recovery from stressful events," it says, but we all knew that!). Both: Brain health, diabetes, oral health, weight control. I really like this handy, chart-style approach to the topic. Nice job!


  1. There are so many
    tea health studies
    that list the health
    benefits of green tea
    and the properties of
    oolong - wulong tea. I have linked several in this post from a really good tea site. I drink loose tea because I like the flavor not for the health benefits. I think my favorite is Milk Oolong because it is so rich and creamy or
    Tung Ting Oolong
    they are both from the Wu Yi Mountains and I love that lingering sweetness that they have.

  2. Lingering sweetness? Did you say sweetness? I am so THERE! Thanks for sharing the links, especially for the Milk Oolong, which I am soooo going to have to try!

  3. You can find a link to the full article at Greg Isaacson's website:


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