Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Much Ado About Martha

Let me begin this post by saying that I'm neither a Martha Stewart worshipper nor a Martha hater. In its early years I found her flagship magazine (and lifestyle books) too modern and sterile for my taste, but as I've gotten older I find myself liking her style much more. Today I read Martha Stewart Living monthly, the other magazines occasionally. I admire Martha as a businesswoman (especially the businesswoman she's become since The Unpleasantness), and I am bitterly jealous of her new crafts room.

In the September issue of MSL (at left in the photo above), she writes about packing up her china to move it from Turkey Hill to the new house in Katonah. (She's got great tips for your next move, by the way.) My husband thinks *I* have a lot of teawares? Well, I am delighted to report it took 20 round-trips of an SUV to move all HER china!

Then yesterday I came across her new special issue, Martha Stewart Holiday, and it is a howl! Check out the small photos at left. Do you recognize the "glampire" and the "goddess" from the front and back covers? Yes, that's none other than America's homemaker herself! I was showing this issue all over the office, and we agreed Martha gets points for being such a good sport. But of more importance to tea lovers, there are some terrific fall recipes inside. Last year I had a fall tea with some girlfriends and resorted to buying maple leaf shaped cookies with maple cream filling. That was about the only true "fall treat" I served. In the top photo at right is the page from the special Holiday issue featuring Squash-Leaf Canapes and Savory Autumn Pies, all of which are cut into leaf shapes. Adorable! And oranges carved to look like miniature pumpkins? Why hadn't I thought of that! While the recipe for making tomato soup look like eyeballs are floating in it doesn't charm, I must say there is still plenty to like in this Holiday issue, if you don't mind overlooking a spiderweb or two along the way!

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  1. Being a male, I don't follow Martha much, but when I saw the pictures on the magazine, I had this deja vu moment. If I'm not mistaken I would swear that she is channelling Denise Crosby on the glampire side and Lucy Lawless on the other.


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