Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Cup of Keemun Tea

Recently, I had the urge for a good, strong cup of plain black tea. Nothing iced. Nothing fruity. Nothing super fancy. My choice? A Keemun. I'd forgotten how good, and how uniquely flavored, this tea is.

I'm sure I must have purchased the tea after reading or learning about Keemun, since this is usually what prompts me to act out of my tea comfort zone. This tea is one noted tea expert James Norwood Pratt calls "one of the two or three best black teas in the world ... deservedly one of China's Ten Most Famous Teas" ("New Tea Lover's Treasury," 1999).

Pratt praises the quality of this tea: "These are handmade teas for which reservations are required, so little is produced. Their unique Keemun flavors are so nuanced and layered that one feels adding milk or sugar would be sacrilegious, faint praise impossible." No faint praise here! I like the taste and the fact it's pretty in the cup, the bright color of a newly minted copper penny. And my inner tea snob likes the thought of drinking a tea "for which reservations are required."


  1. I can't help but think any tea would taste divine in that beautiful tea cup :o) Mind sharing its name and manufacturer?

  2. My teacup is flattered that you think she's pretty! The details: Adopted her from eBay some years ago, marked "Royal Mayfair Bone China England." Hope that helps!

  3. I found a wonderful
    Keemun Sacred Garden
    (linked) that has a deep burgundy liquor. The site is called and they have some wonderful teas.


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