Wednesday, July 10, 2024

"First for Women" and tea tips

First things first, I've gotten in touch with my friend Deberah and hope to be able to share her tea- and mint-processing techniques with you soon! Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you about some interesting tea news I came across last week. I think I'm still on some mailing list for former magazine editors, and I get some good freebies that way, like a free year of First for Women. Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips, daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson (and who doesn't love the Beach Boys?), was on the cover of the new issue.

I always enjoy reading about women who've been successful in losing weight. I've lost a few pounds in recent months and think my 2-1/2 miles of walking a day is surely helping, and I nodded along as I read that Carnie drinks tea at night as part of her healthier eating.

Then elsewhere in the magazine, I came across this tidbit that was most interesting. It suggests drinking iced green tea and says that "once the tea reaches your bladder, it destroys 80 of the troublesome bacterial strains that cause UTIs," according to Italian researchers. I've never had a urinary tract infection (thank you, Lord!), but I know so many who have, so if tea can help prevent that, yippee. If you suffer from these or know someone who does, this may be a tea tip worth passing along!


  1. I like “remedies “ like that because it wouldn’t hurt and it might help - so it’s worth a try! I’m glad you are on the lookout for tea references, took

  2. I've seen that magazine at grocery store checkouts, and had always read the title as "For Women First." Thanks for letting me know that it's actually "First for Women"!

  3. Interesting tip in the magazine.


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