Monday, January 17, 2022

Recommended viewing: "Mary Berry's Country House Secrets"

(Image courtesy of Acorn TV)

My friend Joy emailed the other day to say that she was enjoying the BBC show Mary Berry's Country House Secrets and thought I might like it, too, and I had actually just finished watching it! And that reminded me that I'd been meaning to share my thoughts about the show here. I can't believe I hadn't yet heard about this 2017 show, because tea fans will absolutely adore it. The first episode features Highclere Castle, known to most of us as the home of Downton Abbey. Fiona, the Countess of Carnarvon, was so down-to-earth, and I even started following her on Instagram after watching the show. Mary, a well-known food writer in the UK, even featured teatime (I'll let the specifics be a surprise in case you haven't watched the shows yet), and this show was the perfect wintertime entertainment. 

So I thought I'd give the next episode a shot, and Alex, who had been upstairs working, came down and got interested in the show, which is about Scone Palace in Scotland. Since Eilean Donan Castle, ancestral home of the MacRaes, is in Scotland, I wasn't surprised that he was interested, but I was surprised that he ended up watching the rest of the series with me. I guess I shouldn't have been, because each episode has lots of history, and we're both big history buffs.

The "country house secrets," by the way, always feature behind-the-scenes recipes from each house, and quite a few of them are appropriate for teatime. Here's a screen grab from the BBC food page featuring Mary's scone recipe (click here if you'd like to print it).

In other news, it did snow for a few hours here in Newnan yesterday, but alas, it didn't stick. Still, we haven't seen snow coming down in about three years, so this was a real treat. For those of you lucky enough to actually be snowed in somewhere this winter, I hope you'll enjoy Mary Berry's Country House Secrets, which I watched on Acorn TV and Joy watched on PBS. Who else has viewed the series?


  1. Oh my..have to find it. Sounds perfect! Tyvm. ❤📚

  2. Thanks for the tip on those Mary Berry shows! Hopefully I can watch them from my PBS website. I recently read Mary's autobiography, "Recipe for Life," which was published in 2013, and I highly recommend it.
    I'm glad you got to see some snow falling yesterday, Angela! It snowed all afternoon here in DC, but that was followed by sleet and rain. It looks quite icy out there now, but I don't have to go out, so I'll just stay inside with some tea and scones and books, and hopefully I can watch some Mary Berry, too!

  3. I saw a YouTube video she did recently. I know she is quite famous in the UK and of course her cooking show is really popular. We need more hours in our days to enoy all these things don't we!

  4. I’m sorry your snow didn’t stick around. We got a few inches topped with sleet. School is closed tomorrow because of icy roads.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info! Hope I can find it!! Susan in NC
    Oh! We got snow and sleet and it did stick!!! YIPEEE!!!

  6. I recorded the Scotland episode Sunday and look forward to watching it soon.


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