Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A half-new teacup and saucer


When I bought this chintz saucer for 89 cents at a thrift store a few weeks ago, I was certain I had a teacup at home that matched it.

And I did! It was this Royal Staffordshire cup-and-saucer set. I've seen this pattern by many makers, and the chintz saucer is marked Clarence.

But I rather like this "married" set. For some reason, I like it even better than if the cup were chintz too.

The original teacup and saucer belong to a trio I bought at a friend's estate sale a few years ago.

I loved adding to my tea "wardrobe" for just 89 cents, and I must say I'm enjoying drinking my Twinings lemon and ginger tea out of my "new" set. Do you use mix-and-match teacups and saucers, or do you prefer that everything match?


  1. I do like the "newly married" set and the original one, too! I certainly have some that are not a match but go well together.

  2. Most of the time I use matching sets. I like your term of married sets.

  3. I am one who likes my cup and saucer to match. But to each her own--if others like to mix-and-match, more power to them. Your cup and new saucer do look quite nice together.

  4. When serving tea I don't match up cup to other china; so everyone gets their own cups and saucer unique to them. But I usually keep the cup and saucer matching. I love your find and mixing it up.


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