Friday, January 14, 2022

A belated but very special Christmas gift

Do you ever get a belated Christmas gift from someone? I almost always do, and I must say I like it. How fun to get an unexpected gift on a wintry post-Christmas day. And this gift was especially meaningful to me because the giver, my friend Susan, really had every reason in the world NOT to get anyone a Christmas gift this year after losing her home in our devastating March tornado. She and her husband had to live in a hotel for months while a completely new home was built on the site. There were delays from the builder in addition to all the other aggravations of life we've all dealt with during the pandemic. So to get a gift from her at all was extra special this year, and my sweet friend never forgets that I love tea!

I'd seen similar Rae Dunn mugs but not this one, and I just love it. It's huge and is perfect for all that tea I'm drinking these days.

And it's always fun to get a surprise assortment of tea bags. When I'm in a hurry or working on a big project, I don't always take time to make my tea with loose tea, so it's super convenient to have some fun flavors of tea bags to reach for.

Did any of you get a belated Christmas gift?


  1. I like that Rae Dunn mug, and the colorful packaging of the tea bags makes me smile. I'm sure you'll enjoy this gift, and especially because of the giver!

  2. Those really ARE special gifts from a special friend, and extra nice because they're belated. I did receive some very nice bath soaps as a late Christmas gift from a friend, and the belatedness made it all the more fun to receive.


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