Monday, January 4, 2021

Winter whites and wishing for snow

No matter what color palette I choose for Christmas, I always want that soothing winter white palette to come out in January, so the tea trolley finally got a new outfit this weekend. I've had lace on my mind, so I pulled out some lacy pieces and tossed them all together, and I like how it all ended up.

The featured tea set is a white-on-white dimensional teapot and sugar and creamer that I bought years ago, probably at T. J. Maxx. This set was used on the guest book table at my wedding, so I don't imagine I'll ever get tired of these pieces.

Here's a bit of detail. And it's sitting on a piece of crochet made by one of my grandmothers. It's really just a sample she crocheted (she left behind a lot of magazines where she clipped a piece inside that I assume she tried out before deciding whether to make a whole tablecloth or spread). I use them like doilies.

This Wedgwood "teapot" is actually a votive holder, and when you light a votive inside it on a cold winter night, it produces such a soft golden glow that I feel all Jane Austen-like just looking at it!

I've used this little faux flower arrangement from Ross for years now, but the pale, pale pink of the flowers just seems to work wherever I plop it.

And I even leave a few Christmas decorations out in January. I mean, we have church all year round, so why not decorate with church figures all year round? I also like the lacy rim on these dessert plates, which, Lord willing, I hope to be using at teatime again before too long! (I've warned Alex that when COVID is behind us, I plan to entertain like nobody's business.)

Another holdover ornament has "snow" inside. Did I mention that we got a dusting of snow here on Christmas Eve and woke to a light covering of snow on Christmas morning? I was sooooo happy. I know my northern friends are thinking, "Big deal!" But here, it IS a big deal, as I hadn't seen so much as a snowflake in years. A nice big snow (with no power outages and downed limbs) would be very much enjoyed this winter. (If any of you are inclined, I *love* to see my friends' pictures of the snow, so feel free to share!)

And of course this is my trusty old Heritage Lace tablecloth featuring tea wares, but I never get tired of it.

The teacup stand features teacups in shades of ivory, and each one has its own little coaster trimmed with tatted lace. Both the teacup and the coasters were gifts from friends, making them extra cherished.

I find that many of us go for a simpler, paler palette come January. My theory is that it symbolizes the clean slate with which we all like to greet the new year. Do you agree?


  1. So pretty and wintry! I know you saw some of my snow pictures on Facebook, I'm glad you got at least a little bit of the white stuff. It is pretty at Christmas - but I'll be ok if that's all we get this season. I'll be changing my table setting after Epiphany to feature snowflakes and a few snowmen, too, this year.

  2. I love your icy, lacy January tea trolley arrangement! And I envy you for your Christmas snow. We didn't have a White Christmas here in DC, although it had been predicted that we might. I'm still hoping for a little bit of snow anyway, as I love to sit at the window and watch it come down so softly and peacefully.

  3. Pretty! White is always my favorite!

  4. Beautiful. My kids hope we get some snow this year.

  5. Beautiful post, Angela. And I see a book in that first pic that piques my interest. I have a Barnes & Noble gift card that I think I'll use it on. If I could send you our snow I surely would! If you have it, you don't want it, and if you don't have it, you want it! ;-)

  6. I love winter white. So pretty!
    Yes, I think I will be ready to do some entertaining too. Missing it.


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