Friday, January 15, 2021

Tea-mail: It's better than e-mail

When a big box came in the mail this week, I was so delighted! I've always enjoyed getting mail, even as a little girl. I used to order Betty and Veronica comic books for the joy of receiving them in the mailbox, and later, I ordered a book from the Sonny and Cher fan club and was thrilled when it arrived. All of that probably started my lifelong love affair with ordering things by mail. When tea friend Donna Z. wrote to say that she was getting rid of this Santa teapot and wondered if I would like for her to mail it to me, I said yes. These days, I'm usually trying to get rid of things more than acquire new things, but when it comes to Christmas and tea wares, I just can't seem to turn them down!

This cute little teapot will be a fun addition to my Christmas display this year. I love the little bird on his shoulder!

And what a great surprise it was to find this Sandy Lynam Clough teacup in the box as well! I was gifted the teapot, matching plate, and a teacup in this design from my friend Phyllis years ago, and I love it, but I have thought several times that it would be so nice to have a second teacup so that I could use this set when a friend comes over to quilt with me. (As I trust will happen one day soon once COVID-19 is behind us!) I was beaming when I saw that sweet Santa was joined by sweet Sandy, and it means so much to me that this favorite set of tea wares has been completely given to me by friends. How special is that? So this was my fun "tea mail" for the week. How about you? Did you get anything fun in the mail this week? I'm hearing of some friends whose Christmas gifts are just now arriving!


  1. You received some fun mail for sure. Love the little Santa tea pot. I was thrilled to see the tea cup from Sandy Lynam Clough. I did not know of this tea cup before. It is wonderful. As a quilter and a tea drinker...what a find. I just posted about Sandy Lynam Clough myself over on my blog "Country Time Tea". Thank you for sharing this post today. It made me smile.

  2. I, too, have always loved getting things in the mail. This week I ordered from Etsy (but haven't received yet) a very cute "cream cow"--it has a pretty wreath of flowers around its neck. When she arrives (she's already been shipped), she will join my "herd" of china cream cows.

  3. Oh, getting fun mail is the BEST!!! How thoughtful and sweet of those two.

    Today I rec'd a big envelope filled with 4 Ocean bracelets I buy my girls, nieces and nephews and such. It is a GREAT way to help clean up plastics in the ocean - great cause- and the bracelets are loved by many.

    And I heard same thing about long lost Christmas gift packages just now arriving. Isn't this the weirdest thing with Covid how it affects SO MUCH!

  4. What lovely gifts. I thought the tea cup looked familiar. The only fun mail I received this week was Joann coupons.

  5. The teapot particularly caught my eye. How cute~


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