Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Empire of Tea's Pomegranate & Berries Tea


When I was out shopping right before Christmas, I found this Pomegranate & Berries Tea from Empire of Tea, and I have to admit that I bought it because I thought the tin was so lovely!

Another blend sounded like one I would actually like better, but the tin was orange, and I just couldn't see me bringing an orange tin into my home, so I went with the pink one. Pomegranate teas, and berry teas, are often mouth-puckeringly tart, but oh well, I could understeep it if need be.

But to my delight, this tea wasn't tart at all! Yes, it has a berry flavor, but it's got only a hint of that tartness I usually find, and it's naturally sweet, which is great since I'm trying to lighten up on the sugar after baking up a storm over the holidays. I looked online and found that I can reorder this tea directly from the company, but it's $20 for the tin of 15 sachets, so the $4.99 tin I found at Tuesday Morning looks even prettier now!


  1. I do like that tin! I'd have picked the pink one rather than the orange one, too. I'm glad the tea tastes good, that's a bonus - and the price was good, too. Good find!

  2. Yes, I would buy that tea just for the beautiful tin, too!

  3. Pretty tin. I imagine this would be a nice summer iced tea.

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  5. It is a pretty tin and glad you liked it.


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