Monday, May 11, 2020

Inspired by Flea Market Garden Style magazine

I hope all of you had a nice Mother's Day weekend, even though I suspect many of the celebrations were a bit different this year. On Saturday, Alex and I went to visit my dad and Aunt Jane for the first time in two months, and I was so happy to see them. We picked up Chick-fil-A from a drive-through on the way, and when we got there, the two of us ate at one end of their huge dining table in the formal dining room (a holdover from my late mother), and Daddy and Aunt Jane ate at the other end. We had planned to just sit on the porch and visit, but the weather was in the fifties, which is considered "freezing cold" to lifelong Georgians. Still, it was a relief to get a visit in with them and my sister, who stopped by, and see that everyone is doing well. On the way home, I ran in Ingles for a few groceries for the week, and I was thrilled to find a magazine I didn't think I'd be able to get my hands on this year, the annual issue of Flea Market Garden Style.

Most years, I find at least a few tea-inspired ideas inside, and that was the case this year as well.

One of the prettiest pages in the whole lovely issue was this one, where they've used tea tins as flower vases. I've done that before but not in a while. I'm waiting on a particular pink rose to bloom, and then I think I'll dig out just the right tea tin for it!

Reading that magazine reminded me that I'd been meaning to try a decoupage fix-up for an old watering can that had a faded design on the front. Now, I must confess I'm chintzy about using these pretty tea-themed napkins (a gift from my friend Joy, I believe), but with a little Mod Podge, it took only one of them to cover up the faded design on my watering can and get a little more mileage out of it.

Ta-da! So now I'll keep using this watering can until it fades again, and I'm loving the vintage look from this decoupaged paper napkin. Also this weekend, I made a sourdough starter, so if that works, maybe one day soon, I can truly use one of my tea-and-toast sets for … tea and toast! 


  1. Your watering can turned out so well! It's adorable. I did some napkin-decoupaged eggs for Easter but haven't tried it on anything bigger. I'm glad you got to lay eyes on your Dad and Aunt Jane, too. Stay safe and well!

  2. What a happy and sweet post.

    Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day - sounds like it.

    The redo on your watering can is awesome!


  3. Your decoupaged watering can is really cute! I currently feed my sourdough starter once a week, and I have been using the discard to make sourdough crumpets. I ate a couple with jam and tea today, and they were wonderful. You can find the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website.

  4. You continue to show the world of your cleverness; Kudos!

  5. Your watering can looks great! It’s been freezing cold here too.

  6. Having a magazine addiction, this magazine could entice me.


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