Friday, May 22, 2020

Evelyn Nesbit's New York tea room, circa 1921

I don't always remember to check the Library of Congress website for new-to-me tea photos, but I'm so glad I found this one. Who's having more fun, the tearoom guest at far left or the proprietress, Evelyn Nesbit, at far right? The lady in the middle looks a little coy to me, and I'm not sure about her. Maybe she's just shy.

This photo is from October 30, 1921, so nearly 100 years ago, these ladies were enjoying tea … and not too long after the Spanish flu pandemic, I note with interest. I hope we'll all be able to enjoy the same thing before too much longer!


  1. You always find such interesting photos from the Library of Congress! The woman in the plaid dress may look like a simple tea-room proprietress, but in her earlier life she was at the center of one of the biggest scandals and most-publicized murder trials of the 20th-century. When I saw her name, I knew it sounded familiar, so I looked her up. Check out the Wikipedia article on her for all the sordid details.

    1. Oh, Vernona, you have made me re-examine this photo more closely, and now you've got me researching that murder trial. I may have to write a new book-ha!

  2. These old tea pictures are fun to see. Thanks for pointing out it was just after a flu pandemic, that reassures me.

  3. Such a fun photo. Maybe this will be us soon


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