Friday, January 10, 2020

Oliver Pluff & Co. Gunpowder Green Tea

I received a number of new teas as gifts over Christmas, so this week, I tried this gunpowder tea from Oliver Pluff & Co. This tea company is based in Charleston, S.C., which always makes me think of Theodosia Browning's tea shop in the Laura Childs cozy mysteries.

I'm pretty sure I could pick gunpowder tea out of a lineup because of its tight little balls of tea that resemble gunpowder pellets.

 I always think, "What if the tea leaves don't expand?" And yet they always do.

I had sipped a lot of flavored tea this week, so this nice green tea (which doesn't look like green tea in the cup) was a most welcome change. I liked the slightly roasted flavor I detected in this tea, and I got multiple steepings of it. I'm hoping to try a new tea each week of January since it's National Hot Tea Month, and this one was a winner!


  1. Love your mug! I've never tried gunpowder green tea so I appreciate your good review.

  2. Angela, I'm all about "tea with friends," so I love the name of your blog! I'm not a fan of flavored teas, with the notable exception of a good Earl Grey with real bergamot. So plain tea for me, please. Green once in a while, black several times a day. Love that mug!

  3. That gunpowder tea LOOKS very interesting! I'm not a big fan of green tea in general, but I might have to try that tea just to see the little leaves unfurl!

  4. Oh this sounds good. I enjoy Oliver Pluff teas and always look for them when I am in Charleston.

  5. Cute mug. Glad you enjoyed the new tea.


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