Monday, January 13, 2020

How to enjoy roses in January

Most years, my January tea trolley has been decorated in a palette of cream and white tea wares. I started to do that again this year, as that's what I've always done, but then I thought, hey, the tea trolley police are probably not going to come after me if I add a bit of color this year, right? And if they do, so be it!

 So, inspired by the lovely Jane Eastoe and Georgianna Lane book Vintage Roses, I gathered a few pink things … 

 … and was quite happy with the result!

My favorite pink teapot. 

A Fitz and Floyd (I think) creamer and sugar, collected at different times.

The sugar paste flowers from my wedding cake.

Turned a bit peachy over the years, but still hanging on …

A teacup stand, something that's always out on display.

 An old, old antique mall find.

 A gift from my old landlord.

An estate sale purchase last year.

 A favorite teacup, a gift from my friend Beth.

 A tiny little pedestal of china roses that belonged to the late mother of my friend Ann.

A tea trivet I found … somewhere.

I'm already plotting spring in my mind, and these lovely vintage tea wares brimming with flowers are one way I cheer myself up on the rainy, gray days of winter. That and a nice cup of tea, of course. Is there anything you do to keep things sunny through the winter? Tips are always welcome here!


  1. Everything is just lovely, especially the delicate teapot as well as the unique sugar and creamer.

  2. I think your tea trolley is beautiful, it's nice to have the roses in winter! I'm amazed at how your sugar paste flowers have lasted, they are so pretty. Enjoy all these pretty things as we wait for spring.

  3. The roses are so pretty. With the crazy warm weather we have had the past few days, the real roses might start blooming. Lol.

  4. Your rosy tea trolley display is very cheery! The sugar paste flowers from your wedding cake are wonderful things to have. I like to play cheerful classical music on the radio or CD (nothing gloomy, please!) and bake wonderful-smelling things for tea time. And I always hope for a snow day--even though I am long past my school days, the prospect of sitting inside and watching the snow fall always cheers me up.

  5. What a lovely celebration of roses. Beautiful! One of our favorite flowers around my house.

  6. Wow - I love the sugar paste flowers form your wedding! So thoughtful of you to have saved that.


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