Friday, May 31, 2019

Tea recipes from Food Network

For some reason, I started getting a free subscription to Food Network magazine last year, and I have really enjoyed it. And I'm enjoying the June issue even more because …

They have recipes for Iced Tea Mocktails and Cocktails! So if you're a Food Network fan, you might want to pick up this issue if you don't subscribe. I recently ordered an unsweet Arnold Palmer at Chick-fil-A (no problem, my friendly server said), so I am very interested in making the Green Tea Arnold Palmer (at far left). I need some fresh lemons first, though, so I'll be experimenting after I make a trip to the grocery store!


  1. And there was a category last night on Jeopardy all about tea. (I was so proud, I knew the answers!)

  2. The pomegranate mint tea sounds good too.

  3. Those mocktails certainly look very pretty!
    I'm sorry to have missed seeing the tea category on Jeopardy. I always watch Jeopardy when I'm home at that time, but when I turned on for it last night, Jeopardy was not on--it was being pre-empted by weather reports, since there was tornado activity in the area. So I didn't get to see the tea category.

  4. I've seen several hotel afternoon tea menus with tea cocktails and mocktails. Apparently, they are becoming popular.


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