Monday, May 20, 2019

A gift of tea & chocolate from afar

This teacup featuring Gustav Klimt's famous The Kiss comes from a totally unexpected source. You see, my husband has been ghostwriting a lot of books in recent years, and one of his current clients is an amazing woman from the Czech Republic. After they'd had a few meetings to discuss the book, he decided I should join them as well, and she and I hit it off over tea and coffee at an Atlanta café. She's got quite a story to tell, and part of it involves regular trips back home. When Alex and I met with her last week, she had this surprise for me!

This is definitely a teacup and saucer I didn't have in my collection, and I am fascinated that famous artwork is featured on it. It's got a nice large cup that I've been sipping from all weekend, and I'm enjoying this set so much. (Also, it reminds me of that Helen Mirren movie I saw a while back, Woman in Gold, which focuses on another famous Klimt painting that was stolen by the Nazis. Did any of you see it? I will always be fascinated by art and the mystique surrounding it.)

I'm even saving the satin-lined box the teacup and saucer came in, as I can't think of anything more appropriate for storing the art supplies I'm assembling as I get back into cardmaking and papercrafting.

And did you know that "Praha" is Czech for "Prague"? This new friend also brought back two large chocolate bars for Alex and me, and I claimed the white one, which is just so decadent and delicious. I'm again reminded of how incredibly blessed I am, and I marvel that tea (and chocolate!) is a love language spoken all over the world.


  1. How lucky you are. The cup and chocolate are a lovely gift.

  2. That is quite the unusual cup and saucer (and box, too)! It's such a nice gift from your Czech friend, and the chocolate bars from Prague are so pretty. I've been to the Czech Republic, but not to Prague. I have been to Vienna many times and seen several Klimt paintings in museums there. You would enjoy all the art in Vienna. I haven't seen that Helen Mirren movie, but maybe I should check to see if my library has it.

  3. What lovely and unusual cup and saucer, and such a thoughtful gift for you. And the chocolate, too - yum!

  4. Love, love Klimt's art and this cup is gorgeous. The chocolate would also be a treat. Lucky you!


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