Monday, June 15, 2015

Visiting Tin Roof Teas in Raleigh, North Carolina!

On Friday, Alex and I headed to the Raleigh, North Carolina area so I could attend the annual party of the small press where I work as a fiction editor. Although I'd talked to the owner on the phone and via Skype numerous times since joining the team last fall, we'd never met face to face. To my delight, the company has an annual party for the authors and staff, and Alex and I were invited to attend this year. I so enjoyed meeting lots of fine folks who work for this company, including a couple of my fellow editors (yes, we talked punctuation and grammar) and quite a few of the authors. We had a little bit of free time on Saturday, and one of the authors pointed us to this wonderful shopping venue called Cameron Village, where I was thrilled to come across a new (to me) tea shop, Tin Roof Teas!

 Now I must tell you that this shop was exactly my kind of tea store: great selection, helpful but not overbearing staff, and lots of cool things I've not seen before, along with a great selection of teas.

 They had a lot of colorful teapots and tea mugs and the best collection of ForLife teapots I've ever seen in a store. (I've used that brand and really enjoy them!)

They had lots of great teas, tea-flavored candies, flavored sugars, bone china as well as pottery teacups and mugs, flavored honey, tea accessories, and so much more that I'm pretty sure I walked the entire store four or five times before making my selections—and I'd like to have taken about half the store home with me!

 I bought some tea, of course, but haven't had time to sample it yet.

And another item I was happy to find was this Thistledown Cozies tea wallet, because I have some prints on my office wall that have this exact same design!

I love this pretty blue fabric, and since I'm a tea lover and word lover, this seemed like the perfect tea wallet for me! Have any of you ever been to Tin Roof Teas?


  1. I was in Raleigh weekend before last and made a quick visit to Tin Roof Teas. Taste tested three teas -- all new to me ... two iced and one hot. I was very impressed by the tea selection and all the various tea "things". I'll definitely visit again when I visit my god-kids.....

  2. You are always giving me new ideas of things to put on my Want List. I had not heard of a tea wallet before, and I have not been to Raleigh. It looks divine!

  3. I have never been to North Carolina even. Lucky you! It sounds like a successful trip all around.

  4. It's just wonderful you truly enjoy your work! Sounds like a great day!

  5. I've never been to that shop but have been to that shopping center. It's been a few years so it may not have been there. I hope you waved as you passed by my exit on 85. Lol.

    1. Ginger, funny you would say that! I wasn't paying too much attention on the way, but on the way home on Sunday, I saw the exit sign and thought, "Hey, that's where Ginger lives!" Maybe next year I can head to Raleigh early and we can arrange a meet-up!

  6. This shop looks like a tea lover's paradise!

  7. Oh how fun to find a new tea shop! Your tea wallet will be a very practical and useful purchase. Little getaways are always fun and exciting times.

  8. That store looks great! I would love to visit it. Joanie


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