Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some new Irish linens - "A Fragonard Design"

So I was reading my friend Liz's blog the other night, and she was writing about going junking in Atlanta, and then I came across this line: "I bought two dishtowels for Angela from a lady who brought them back from Ireland." Well, I figured that Angela could only mean me, and when we met up a few days later, she had the tea towels waiting in her car for me. It had not occurred to me they would actually feature teawares!

I love the pretty aqua-colored towel for its design as much as its color. I don't believe I've seen this sort of labeling before: "Pure Irish Linen, A Fragonard Design, Styled & Made in Ireland."

Liz noted the peachy-pink tea towel was stained, but she got it anyway, and I'm glad she did. I'll try to get the stain out, and if that doesn't work, the tea-ish parts could probably be upcycled into something else. I looked for a little information online, but all I can find is that Fragonard tea towels seem to date to the 1950s and 1960s. If any of you tea towel experts have more info, I'd love to hear it!


  1. I know nothing helpful about the towels, but they surely are cute! Especially the Aqua one, it fits right in to your color scheme. Great find by your friend.

  2. Perfect tea towels -- so thoughtful!

  3. What a thoughtful friend, Angela. Such pretty tea towels. I may have a little insight to share: all four of my grand parents were from Ireland and tea was so popular.

    When relatives would visit, they would bring tea from Ireland. I also remember some pretty linen "dish towels" that had beautiful illustrations of Irish landmarks, they were so beautiful. The fabric seemed like linen and was very good for drying glasses. I am sure you are going to enjoy those towels. Joanie

  4. ANGELA!!!!!! Fragonard is a perfumerie in Grasse, France - I have taken their tour years ago, and my very favorite perfume of all time is from there! neat conincidence. if you ever heard me discuss being in France when the lavender fields were in bloom that was where and then!

    But if you look up Fragonard, they are referring to an artist named jean-Honore Gragonard (1732-1806) so it is taken from his paintings I imagine.

    Now, since he was ALSO from Grasse, I can imagine that the perfumerie family and his is of the same lineage. The perfume factory started in early 1920s - so is farther by a lot of years down the family tree, if applicable, but it is a safe guess - ?

    Anyway, what a sweeeeeeet lady Liz is for gifting you those awesome unique tea towels. She knows you too well, does she not?

    When I toured Ireland I visited a couple linen factories and you know I never ever bought any for myself? I am still kicking myself for that. I may just have to go back and remedy that one day before I get too old! : - )


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