Thursday, June 11, 2015

Teatime candle finds

While shopping in Marshalls last weekend, I was quite surprised to come across not one but six new tea-scented candles! This one actually caught my eye not because it's a footed teacup and not because it's a tea-scented candle but because of the pretty aqua design, as I'm planning to use it in my new coastal-themed bedroom to hold seashells. (For once, I'm hoping the candle does *not* last! The slightly spicy scent is quite lovely, but I don't need a candle; I need aqua decor!)

Still, I was intrigued to see so many tea-scented candles in one place. Three were from Ava & Emma, teacups which remind me of Emma Bridgewater teawares. The other three tea-scented candles were in beribboned china teacups with matching saucers. So if you're in the market for such a candle, you might want to keep an eye out at Marshalls and its sister stores, T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods!


  1. Great gift idea - I will go looking fir some when next I get to my favorite stores. Love the Aqua print for you, too.

  2. Cute find. Whenever I see aqua I think of you!

  3. I do believe a trip to TJ Maxx is needed. Love the candle and the aqua color.

  4. When I saw the picture I knew this came home with you. :-)


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