Friday, June 19, 2015

Friendly Swede Silicone Tea Infusers

When I went to the party in North Carolina last weekend for the small press where I edit fiction, I had no idea it was something of a tradition for one staffer who reviews lots of products on Amazon to bring some of the freebies he receives to share with all of us. Through a drawing conducted "Dirty Santa" style, some great goodies were given away, including two tablet computers, a Kindle, fabulous sets of stainless steel knives and utensils, and electronics gadgets galore. My husband won a Google phone, and through a strategic trade and a kind author who doesn't cook, I am now the owner of a lovely new digital kitchen scale. Someone else won these tea infusers and didn't think they'd use them, and since I'd mentioned my love for tea, these also got to come home with me!

These silicone tea infusers are by a company called the Friendly Swede.

I tried this pink one, and the silicone part popped off easily for me to add some Darjeeling tea leaves.

I am not particularly worried about silicone getting in my hot tea since I don't use such infusers that often, but for those who do worry about that, I thought it was nice that the stainless steel is actually just about all that sits in the tea. The infuser worked well, sits nicely in its base when you're through with it, and cleans up quickly as well. This set was a fun gift to receive!


  1. That is a nice tradition fir the group! So glad you ended up with these, too. They are very cute.

  2. very cute infusers! I would definitely used them. I did wonder about the silicone, but you explained it well and then I could see how it worked. lucky you!

  3. Nice treats received! Fun times!

  4. How nice of your coworker to share. The infuser is cute


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