Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #40 -- The Russian Tea Room (New York, N.Y.)

The Russian Tea Room is perhaps one of the most legendary tea rooms in the country, so I was quite intrigued when I came across a vintage postcard showing this tea room as it looked in years past!

"Next Door to Carnegie Hall," the postcard proudly notes, and it is said to offer "Exquisite RUSSIAN and FRENCH CUISINE. Lunch - Afternoon Tea - Dinner - After-Theatre Supper - Vodka - Cocktails - Wines - Liquors." I love the look of this postcard, the typography of this postcard — and if only someone had actually *mailed* this postcard! Even so, I decided I needed a Russian Tea Room postcard in my collection. I know my friend Linda has visited this tea room. Have any of you?


  1. No, I haven't visited it, yet, but it's on my list, and maybe I'll make it in 2015! Have a great weekend, Angela!

  2. Have not been to NY at all but when I do, this will be on my "must do" list.

  3. I haven't visited it yet either...though I lived in Manhattan most of my adult life and my bus to and from work went by this every day, and I always wanted to visit it! It closed down (though now it's re-opened) about the time I was going to visit it finally! As they say, don't put things off too long!

  4. Another fun postcard, Angela! Have never been there - but I do have their cookbook.

  5. I have been to New York only once on business, but my hotel was just around the corner from this tearoom. Oh I wanted to go so badly, but it was closed. Only a peek in the window was to be had. Love the postcard.

  6. Great postcard, Angela. I did get to go to The Russian Tearoom several years ago and it was wonderful!

    A 'small world' story: one of my favorite movies 'Tootsie' filmed a scene at The Russian Tearooom (in the scene, Dustin Hoffman is dressed as soap opera star 'Dorothy Michaels' and she's trying to get 'Tootsie' Director Sydney Pollack to buy her lunch - it's hilarious!)

    My sister Patti was an extra in 'Tootsie' and actually had a speaking part: in the birthday party scene, Dustin Hoffman walks up to her and says, 'So, what's your name?'
    (she says: 'Patti') and Dustin says, 'Are you here with anyone?' and she says, 'No.' She had a great time being in the movie and her name is in the credits. We love that movie!
    Thanks for inspiring the memories,

  7. HI Angela,
    I have! More than once. My husband and I go into New York for our anniversary every year and last year we had lunch there. It is much prettier now. The walls are painted a Christmas green which is striking and makes the artwork stand out so much with that as a background. It has a lot of gold too. Think of the Russian Fabrege egg period of Romanov. Ornate but tasteful. Like a jewel box. Food is very good too. If I can find a picture I will send it to you by email since I am no longer on a tea blog. (Hope to start one myself).
    Tea is served in glass cups which are in metal holders.
    Best wishes, Ruthie


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