Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Darjeelings: an experiment in black and white

This week I decided to try a tea tasting with some of the new samples I received from Golden Tips, and it struck me it might be fun to compare these two Darjeelings, one white and one black! On the left I have their Okayti Silver Needle Darjeeling, a white tea, and on the right is their Arya Ruby Darjeeling, a black tea.

Loose, the teas looked just as different as you might expect. The Okayti Silver Needle Darjeeling tea had a loose, fluffy appearance. It had a slight fragrance of wood shavings. The Arya Ruby Darjeeling had a distinct musky fragrance, and the tea leaves were much heavier and firmer.

Steeped, the Okayti Silver Needle Darjeeling had a pleasantly smooth, mellow taste to the pale yellow tea. The Arya Ruby Darjeeling, on the other hand, had an almost grape-like quality and produced a copper-colored brew, definitely my favorite of the two since I tend to like a tea that shows off. I very much enjoyed trying these two teas together. If you'd like to try some of Golden Tips' fine teas for yourself, go here to check out the offerings.


  1. This was fun and interesting to read.I enjoyed :) Thank You -Denise

  2. Interesting comparison Angela. I had never tried a Darjeeling until I purchased the box of Whittard's recently.
    It says 'best without milk', why is that?

  3. Thank you for the comparison of white and black teas. I have never tried white tea before thinking it was too light. I am a black tea gal but will try the white next time.

  4. I would love these teas, they sound delicious.


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