Monday, October 27, 2014

A touch of fall on the tea trolley

Since I haven't redecorated my tea trolley in a while, I decided to add a few touches of fall before I go all-in with the Thanksgiving decor next month!

Now my husband wishes the sweetgum trees would disappear from our yard, and every time my bare feet step on these sweetgum balls in the summer I am inclined to agree, but I think the balls are kind of pretty when they're still in the green stage before they turn brown. I poured these in a teacup-shaped wicker basket and plopped in a copper cookie cutter just because it seemed like the thing to do.

I don't have a lot of things in the fall color palette, so I decided my Harney and Sons tins of Pumpkin Spice Tea and Cranberry Autumn Tea could also count as "decor."

These white flowers were used at the bridesmaids luncheon for my newly-married friend Cydney, but I think the natural colored fabric with raffia bow makes this kind of fallish.

This grapevine (I think) teapot was a long-ago gift from a friend, and I love it. Wish I knew how to make one of these!

And last but not least, I continue to use the lovely fall tablecloth I won from tea friend Bernideen's blog a few years ago. Have you decorated for fall? If so, do you change your decorations for Thanksgiving?


  1. Tea tins definitely count as decor! Your tea trolley looks very "fall-ish".

  2. A very nice autumn display, simple and tasteful. I thought of Bernideen right away when I saw the table topper so it doesn't surprise me that it came from her.
    My fall decor comes out near the beginning of October since our Thanksgiving is mid-month. The few Thanksgiving pieces I leave out with the autumn things until I decorate for winter about the middle of November.

  3. I do love your tea trolley. Perfect fall tea vignette.

  4. Love your tea trolley! I thought of Bernideen as well because I too won a tablecloth identical to yours, only round, from her a few years ago. The gumballs are very unique looking. We don't have them here. I must say I wouldn't want to walk on one, especially in bare feet! Wonderful Autumn vignette.


  5. Oh I love your little nod to fall on your pretty tea table, Angela!

    But without a doubt that GORGEOUS autumn embroidery piece Bernideen gave you is a show-stopper. It's so pretty.

    I've never seen or even heard of a gumball tree or what they looked like. OUCH, I'd step on it all the time - I am always barefoot. Looks cool though, I bet they look good brown too. I like brown, as you well know, haha. Hugs.

  6. I so enjoy the Fall - décor, weather, & teatime! Love your tea trolley. Pretty Bernideen tabletop too.

  7. Such fun to watch the seasons transition via your tea trolley! That embroidered cloth is the perfect base for your fall collection.

  8. I like that you change your tea trolley for the season, very nice.

  9. Glad to see you enjoying the topper! Your cart looks darling!

  10. Great job Angela - such a pretty tablecloth, perfect for your tea trolley. I enjoy decorating for fall (and Halloween!), remembering where all the fall treasures came from. Joanie

  11. I love the embroidery on that tablecloth, this is altogether a beautiful display!


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