Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More scenes from the weekend's wedding!

All 24 of the guest tables had a theme at this wedding, and the Silver Teapot Table was, for obvious reasons, one of my favorites. The theme was inspired by a family friend that Cydney and her sister Alley have called "Missamanda," one word, from the time that they were little. And "Missamanda" recently decorated her own daughter's wedding reception with her grandmother's silver teapots, thus the inspiration for this table.

The White Pitcher Table was designed in honor of Cydney's maternal grandmother, Shannon, who is known as a wonderful cook and writer up in the north Georgia mountains. She is a gifted writer and poet, and you can see at back the frame bearing a poem she wrote for Cydney years ago.

The Biscuit Table was in honor of Cydney's paternal grandmother, Zelma, a prize-winning biscuit maker who uses only White Lily flour. This is the dough bowl she has used to make her biscuits for many years. I was there when Zelma first read this, and she was so touched! I shamelessly took advantage of the moment to ask if I might come over for biscuits sometime and she said of course I can. I hope she knows I wasn't even kidding …

The peacocks on this table were handed down to Cydney's Aunt Lynn by her mother-in-law. Cydney and Lynn have a special bond, and this sign says "their love for each other is as bright as a peacock's feathers."

Cydney's Aunt Lisa was the inspiration for the Flower Box and Thread Spools Table. The family has had some challenges this year (the loss of loved ones, serious illness), and "Lisa is the thread who has kept us all together," the sign said. (Sweet!)

The Watering Cans Table honored Cydney's Uncle Chip and Aunt Jane, who are known for their beautiful lawn and their green thumbs.

The Jewelry Chest Table said this: "In the middle of this table is Cydney's jewelry chest that her mother gave her when she was 10. This chest originally housed homemade necklaces, braided bracelets, and bubblegum machine rings. As Cydney grew, so did her taste in jewelry. Today, her most special piece of jewelry is not in this jewelry chest but rather on her left hand."

This is a detail from Alley's Table, in honor of Cydney's younger sister. This sign read: "This table inspiration came from Cydney's sister, Alley. From the time Alley could hold a crayon, she has had trouble not writing on walls or herself. As a little girl, she stayed on restriction for marking on walls and doing things like coloring her legs and Cydney's legs with a black marker until no skin could be seen. Today, her name is written in marker on the back steps at our house, spray painted on the floor of our basement, and carved in her dresser. Alley, sweet Alley, may you always color outside the lines."

The bride's mother's decorating skills were saluted in Mom's Table, which featured paint and fabric swatches, miniature paint cans and rolls of ribbon. (I guess you can tell Cydney's mom loves to decorate!)

The most magnificent table, though, was this enormous farm table set for the bridal party. (Did I mention that the father of the bride owns his own building materials company? It came in handy!)

Here's another view of this table showing the pretty copper-colored satin ribbon glistening in the late afternoon sun.

Another fun touch was this produce stand where the punch was served.

Souvenir cups were favors for the guests, and everyone got to sip punch through personalized straws.

Family friend Sharon was the inspiration for the Love Table, and I thought this one was a fitting note to end on! I wish I could show you *all* the decorations, but hopefully this has given you an idea of the wonderful wedding I attended over the weekend. Thanks for sharing in the fun!


  1. Wow! Angela! What a wedding and what a lot of work on the tables! So clever and fun. I'm sure it made everyone feel special on this wonderful day.

  2. I so enjoyed all the photos you posted the last two days. What a fun and meaningful way to decorate the tables.

  3. Wow, such a personal and unique reception. What a wonderful way to connect with all their guests. Thank you for sharing these inspiring photos.

  4. How absolutely charming---décor, history, family lore, shared event, and friendship shining through.

    I feel as if I've been on a Sepia Sentimental Journey through the albums of an interesting, loving, simply irresistible family tree, with a narrator of all the special moments and souvenirs.

    How I SO wish your pictures would enlarge! I just kept clicking to see more details, but alas.


  5. PS Angela,

    I was so touched and memory-flooded by this beautiful homage to all those women of import, I dashed down some memories of my own, and added a link from LAWN TEA to this wonderful post.


  6. How very special! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. I loved seeing all the creative, unique and personalized tablescapes. What a wonderful wedding reception, and Mother Nature cooperated by providing a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Simply amazing! In addition to making this a very special day for the bride, the thought and consideration of the guests at this wedding certainly made the day even more special.

  9. That just seems like such a memorable wedding. One the guests and the bridal couple will cherish forever. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  10. Wow! The tables were gorgeous.


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