Monday, October 20, 2014

Cydney & Luke get married!

Since you all have heard about the bridal shower and the bridesmaids' luncheon for my sweet friend Cydney, I thought it was only fitting that I share some photos from her and Luke's wedding on Saturday! It was a beautiful day, and the weather cooperated gloriously (thank you, Lord!) for this gorgeous fall wedding. I had promised my friend Liz, the bride's mom, that I would be sure to photograph the decorations, so that's what I focused on — along with a few pictures of the bride and groom, of course!

Liz used an old headboard for this sign, which marked the entrance to the road where the wedding was held.

The morning before the wedding, as I drove down the road leading to the wedding venue, I couldn't help smiling as I realized Liz had decorated not only the entrance to the wedding site but also *the entire road* leading the way.

As you step onto the property, the first of many vignettes appeared, this one featuring a happy photo of Cydney and Luke.

An old mailbox was used as the receptacle for the gift cards, and an old iron bed was the "gift table."

Both got filled before the evening was over!

The mailbox was decorated with vintage jewelry, and I absolutely loved it!

As you headed on down the hill, you saw yet another vignette, this living room scene.

I had forgotten that Liz told me she had written "love" quotes all over an upholstered chair!

This pavilion was the perfect venue for serving the bride and groom's cakes as well as serving as the dance floor. (Side note: one of my fellow wedding helpers is from Illinois, and she said she had never heard of having a groom's cake until she moved to the South. Is that true for any of you? I'm curious!)

Here's the buffet that served as the bride's cake table as we were setting it up during the day …

– and here it is at showtime!

I loved the pretty cake with its burlap flower touches — both elegant and rustic and perfect for an outdoor wedding in the fall.

There's a fireplace in the pavilion, and Liz had decorated it to look as if it's part of Cydney and Luke's home.

Here's a closeup of the fabric and lace garland on the fireplace. (I hope my friend Sandra sees this eventually, because I took this photo knowing she would love this particular detail!)

This is the "Coffee Station" under the pavilion.

But wait 'til you see the table decorations! That was one of the things I know Liz has worked on for months. There were 24 table vignettes, all created using mementos and family treasures that honored various friends and family of the bride and groom. The morning of the wedding, we helpers started pulling boxes from beneath the tables to follow the instructions left by my highly-organized friend. The first box I pulled out to decorate with happened to be the table honoring family friend … me! Ha! What are the chances? Anyway, here's the "Frou Frou" table.

And here's the sweet message Liz wrote, which I know you will appreciate for its tea connections: "This table's inspiration came from family friend Angela McRae, who has been so sweet to Cydney and Alley over the past 25 years. She gave Cydney her first Easter dress, a beautiful, frilly frock with a mini hoop … it was precious. Also, Angela has given tea parties with both Cydney and Alley, teaching them the right way to make a good cup of tea and true Southern manners." Guess you can see why I love this family so much. Tomorrow, I'll share some more of these wonderful table vignettes!


  1. Well, look who is up you! What a lovely post dearest, you are the best!

  2. What a lovely lovely setting. Very nice.

  3. Amazing! I can't wait to see more. This is much better than any of those bride shows on television. What a lot of creativity went into this event.

  4. If the pictures tell a story, this was an absolutely perfect day filled with abundant love and gratitude. What an amazing wedding, so happy you captured the décor!

  5. WOW!!!! This is the perfect venue for a perfect day.
    I have never seen a wedding set in this type of venue, BUT this looked fabulous! Must have been wonderful to share in their joy.

  6. Oh, wow! What a wonderful setting for this happy occasion. I love the idea of the mailbox for cards - but every picture was full of amazing, creative ideas. I'll look forward to seeing more of the table vignettes tomorrow. Yours was so special!
    I've always lived in the South and I thought there were groom's cakes at every wedding, by the way.

  7. Wow! As a mother of two brides, I know about the huge amount of planning and preparation process of this delightful and memorable event!

  8. Cutest wedding. I love all of the details and the furniture too. She did a great job planning.
    Quite an honor for you too. :) Ruthie

  9. I am so happy you shared this wedding with us. The decorations and every little detail is amazing. What an honor to be honored in that last photo too. Yes, I have heard of grooms cake, but not often done anymore here in the west. It use to be a little fruitcake, wrapped in a pretty little package to take home and dream on.

  10. Organized preparation! It looks like a beautiful wedding! Love the Fall - love all the pics too! Congrats to Mr & Mrs!

  11. I love these photos, Angela - you are a great photographer, as well as a great writer. What a lovely setting for a wedding, so many unique and thoughtful touches (the garland on the fireplace, the gift & card area - very nice!)

    Thank you so much for sharing - I bet this would be a good feature for 'The Knot' magazine. What was the location? Everything seemed ideal and I know the weather was perfect too!
    Best wishes to the happy couple and their families, Joanie

  12. I'm in awe of Liz's organizational and creative skills. It's obvious she planned for months. What a beautiful and unique wedding. I've heard of a groom's cake, bit it's not typical to see them at Michigan weddings.

  13. What a beautiful wedding. All the decorations are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This has got to be one of the most beautifully decorated weddings I've ever seen.


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