Friday, September 12, 2014

Sharing tea with friends

When my friend Liz was over for her daughter’s tea on Saturday, she sniffed a lot of my teas and wanted to try two in particular, this Cranberry Blood Orange Rooibos from The Boston Tea Company and the Tupelo Honey Fig from Tea Forté.  Alas, as soon as she left with the bridesmaids I realized I’d failed to send her home with the samples. It’s a pity, too, because remember those cute little mini tins I found recently? (They’re here.) Those would have been perfect for sending her home with some samples! Instead, I grabbed some of my handy make-your-own teabags and popped two samples in the mail, storing each blend in a different plastic bag.

First, a nice big scoop of Cranberry Blood Orange Rooibos, making sure to send some bits of the dried berries.

And then a much different looking tea, the Tupelo Honey Fig with its mossy green colored bits. I’m not sure I’ve ever mailed loose leaf tea before, so I do hope it survives the trip. And will the two scents compete by the time they arrive at my friend’s home? I hope not. Have you sent samples of loose tea in the mail before? If so, how did you do it?


  1. A couple of interesting teas. I have sent loose tea samples in the mail before and the first time was just in a zip lock bag. Recently another I mailed was in a paper teabag that you fill yourself and then I wrapped plastic around it.

  2. I have not sent loose tea through the mail but I expect it will survive just fine.

  3. It's been a Summer of Peach Iced Tea and Snapple Lemon Iced, as well.

    With the windows and doors open to this 65 degrees, you've reminded me that it's time for a pretty blue cup of Rooibos. Mma Ramotswe would be so pleased.


  4. Yes, I often send loose leaf tea and did just what you did. Paper filter, then into a plastic ziplock bag. Travels just fine.

  5. They both sound great. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Yes I've sent loose leaf tea in the mail. I used a snack ziplock.


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