Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #37 -- Oribe Tea Room (Jaffrey, N.H.)

Sometimes I find a vintage tea room postcard online and purchase it not knowing what the message on the back says. In such cases, it's always interesting when the card arrives so I can see what story it tells. That was certainly the case with this card mailed to Miss Grace Norris in Massachusetts in 1910.

“A sad thing happened here this morning early. The P.O. and store burned entirely down. Mrs. S. & I walked down to see the debris, and there (?) our joy this new Tea House. It is very attractively furnished & they also offer beautiful little (fusion?) of handicraft. Come up & see it for yourself. If you can come on the seventeenth do - There is lots of room for you. Lovingly, Grace." I was so sorry to hear the local post office and store burned down, but at least there was a nice new tea house in town!


  1. Cool post card! I tried to figure out that first ? word, I think it says then instead of there, and maybe the mystery word ends with "ized" but nothing I can come up with makes sense! Oh well, it is still a great tea room postcard.

  2. I love these snippets of life!

  3. A great snapshot of life! They are hard to read sometimes, aren't they? But definitely worth the effort!

  4. Oh so many facts on that little postcard. What fun to find.

  5. Love this series, Angela - makes me want to travel back in time to these tea rooms. The fact that you have these postcards brings back so much history, too. Hope you have a nice weekend, Joanie

  6. It's funny because they walk down to see where a fire was and it sounds like all of a sudden there's a tearoom there!
    By the way, I went to Michael's today and found the chalkboard teapot for half price. Yay!!!!!


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