Friday, September 26, 2014

Want some tea seeds?

Last month I shared these photos of my tea seeds I saved off my new 'Camellia sinensis' or tea plant. Lord willing I'll be trading some at my garden club's first-ever plant and seed swap next week, which ought to be quite a fun evening.

At the time I blogged about my seeds, I remember thinking how nice it would be if I could share these seeds with anyone who wanted some, but of course I have just a handful of them from my plant. To my delight, I got an e-mail from the United States League of Tea Growers (USLTG) announcing that some quality Darjeeling seeds will arrive in the U.S. next month and you can buy some!

"These seeds are freshly collected, with high viability, and have been out-crossed with seed from Darjeeling garden sites above 6,000 feet to ensure some cold hardiness," according to the USLTG. Seeds are just 22 cents each (minimum order is 100), so some of you serious gardeners might want to check this out! For more info on the seeds, visit the United States League of Tea Growers blog here.


  1. That is really interesting! I don't have the right spot for them but I expect there will be many who do. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. That is beyond interesting, Angela!

    You would know. You are aour best GO TO gal for all things tea! : - )

    Hey, you want a zombie head-looking pear, by chance?

    heh heh heh

  3. Quite a few got tea seeds at the tea expo this year and it has been fun to see them growing in pots on facebook. I am collecting them off my two bushes now.

  4. Oh that is just too cool! I would probably kill the plant (or my cats would eat it, yikes!) because I have a brown thumb. I bet my mom would love to have a tea plant since she is an avid gardener.

  5. Don't you just love tea seeds? They are so large... you just know that something good is going to come from them! A friend gave me 3 plants that she started from seed - so far, I have one still growing strong!


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