Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vintage graphics and Green Tea Soap

Last week, the unthinkable happened: I realized I'd run out of fancy tea-themed soaps! I've had so many of them for so long, I just assumed that basket underneath my bathroom sink still contained some nice green tea soaps, but alas, the cupboard was bare.

While out shopping over the weekend, I was plundering through the pile of pretty soaps at a Tuesday Morning store when a portion of a vintage graphic caught my eye. I hadn't seen any tea soaps at all, but then I caught the words "Sanborn" above the letter M and a hint of what I knew was "Teas and Coffees" here. I still don't know how I managed to see that!

When I turned the box over, it confirmed that yes, this was Green Tea Soap with cute packaging from Punch Studio. This is one of those times when the ingredients don't include any camellia sinensis, so I'm guessing it's just the fragrance, or perhaps the inspiration of green tea, in this soap.

Whatever the case, this $3.99 bar of soap smells dreamy and lathers up nice and creamy. Have you seen any tea-themed soaps lately? Obviously I haven't been keeping up!


  1. I'm glad you were able to find this bar! I use Dial liquid soap that is white tea and maybe something else I can't remember...but I haven't looked for bar soap recently.

  2. I have not seen any tea soaps, just the honey, milk and lavender. This is lovely and with an 'M' imagine that!

  3. Beautiful packaging, and I'm sure the soap is lovely too!

  4. Really attractive package! Love it! I wish we had some good shops closer...

  5. In my soap stash I have a Darjeeling Green Tea soap from Glenburn Estates. Love special soaps such as green tea soaps.

  6. Such a pretty packaging... and I'm amazed you could read 'tea'.... on that label!


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