Monday, April 29, 2013

Teawares & Jewelry

Last Monday's post was a trial balloon. If y'all didn't think I was nuts for using teawares in the bathroom, then perhaps you would consider the possibility of using teawares as jewelry storage. Over the weekend, I got a bee in my bonnet to create a little vignette using a table that's been aimlessly wandering around the house. Originally it was in the dining room, and then I decided it would be lovely as a gussied-up "potting shed" table in the utility room. It was indeed lovely. Unfortunately, it was in too small a space so we could no longer open the dryer. And so the table was homeless again. Finally, I decided it would find a home as a new vanity table!

Already I had called some of my glass, china and silver into service as jewelry organizers. This pink glass tidbit tray from Tiara? That handle is just dying to hold bangle bracelets in place. Trust me on this.

Got a chipped candleholder? I did, but I loved the pink glass and the prisms. Throw some necklaces over it and voila, a free jewelry stand.

My favorite jewelry display idea, though, was this silverplate tea set the DH got for me at a yard sale a few years back. Now I just adore the few old rhinestone necklaces I own, and I so enjoy looking at them. Nowadays you can buy black velvet (and pink velvet!) displays at the craft stores, but before those appeared I decided to drape my jewels across this silver. It's only a few pieces here, really, but it looks so lavish! I think I'm going to skip the black velvet.

And I showed this back when I first made it, but my bejeweled teapot was, in fact, too heavy to actually use, so I gave it a home near some other jewelry.

Got tea trays? I do. More than I'll ever need, no doubt, and these lace-under-glass ones are some of my favorites. When they're not serving cookies, they're serving costume jewelry!

This tiny little cloisonne teapot pin remains a favorite piece. It's old and weathered and has character, I think.

Finally, I've shown this idea before, but I switched out the teacups recently and it occurred to me new readers of this blog might enjoy seeing a different way to display French ear wire earrings. Do any of you use teawares for jewelry display or storage? Please let me know any ideas I've missed!


  1. Not yet! Wow, when you start to get creative with a tea theme, you go all out.
    I'm off to a lavish high tea on Saturday with hats and all at a library in a town about an hour away. I'll post some photos.

  2. How fun here - The top frame would also be awesome shabby chic! Lovely picture and vignettes!

  3. What a fun and clever thing to do with certain tea wares, Angela!!

    You will get a kick out of something: pm Sat. my women's club (I am the membership chair for it) is having our big end of season event- a ladies brunch at the local country club.

    The theme this year is Breakfast with Tiffany's - and the Tiffany Jewelers is giving the talk and fashion show!

    So the decorating committee is using silverplated tea services on all 10 tables, filled and flowing with pearl beads and lots of "bling!" It fits perfectly with your post today!

    I have to "man" the welcome table until the brunch food is ready, but will try hard to get some pictures to share.

    Have a wonderful week. Great post!

  4. Angela, I love your blog. I am always surprised when I visit to see the creative ways you decorate your home. Last week was the bathroom and yes I tried your idea in my bathroom, now today the jewelry displays. Well I will be working on that one too. TFS your creativity and inspiring ideas. Have a great day!


  5. It's "very fancy" as my niece would say. Beautiful, too.

  6. I think this is a great idea! I do the same thing -- and it makes such a beautiful display!

    Gracious Hospitality

  7. Great ideas! I have a teacup holding earrings much like yours, along with a small glass tray and a pretty Old Country Roses tray holding necklaces and bracelets. Why not use and enjoy all these pretty things?

  8. No other ideas! I think you are the Queen of Tea Ware Ideas!

  9. One idea I've used: Hang a lovely plate, using a regular wire plate hanger, on the wall, and you can dangle a few thin chain necklaces from the bottom wires of the hanger.

  10. It all look so rich and gorgeous. You are very creative!

  11. Lovely ideas - now all I need is a pretty vanity table. :-)

  12. Gorgeous photos, Angela! So creative, you've given me some great ideas. I just love your blog, Joanie


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