Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mollie Makes magazine

Mollie Makes magazine has been on the local newsstand for a while, but I had held off buying a copy. It's a British crafts magazine so it's a little pricey, $11.99 an issue, but this one I gave myself as a treat for several reasons.

First, any magazine that appreciates tea towels is my kind of magazine. Aren't these cute!

For knitters (and I do knit, a bit) there is this great set of coasters and napkin rings in the "Ladies Who Lunch" feature.

But what really made me buy the magazine was the free kit for this little oilcloth coin purse. I had been looking for just such a purse to hold some computer gadgets I like to keep in my handbag, and this one was perfect. Hopefully I'll have some "down time" soon and can enjoy some crafting. Don't you wish American magazines would include gifts the way the British ones do?


  1. Where did you find this magazine???

  2. One of the card magazines I buy always has free stamps with it, and I think it too is from the UK.
    Your coin purse will be unique.

  3. What a beautiful little magazine. It's so colourful and I was drawn into the crochet and floral designs. Pretty special that they included the oilcloth and hardware to make the purse. That really makes the cost of the magazine worthwhile!

    Gracious Hospitality

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the coin purse! Great find!

  5. I've had so much fun on trips picking up Brit magazines with gifts as souvenirs for family. My son loved his Doctor Who magazine complete with a huge set of Dr. Who stickers!

  6. Where do you find such finds??? We never get anything British in CA. I am leaving for London soon, I will have to check out their news stands!

  7. Dee and Frances, I found mine at Barnes and Noble. Good luck!

  8. What a neat magazine. I agree American magazines should include little kits too.

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  10. Sigh! How I loved looking through your pics of the British magazine. The coin purse is precious! What a great bonus, as if the magazine itself weren't enough.

  11. Seems like a magazine that I'd like and the lovely little coin purse kit would clinch the deal for me too.

  12. This magazine looks great, Angela! It seems like I would enjoy it - thanks for sharing the news, Joanie

  13. That is a cute coin purse. Have fun crafting.


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