Wednesday, April 17, 2013

May 2013 Romantic Homes magazine

Just when I think I'm starting to get over my lifelong passion for the color pink, something like this has to come along: the May 2013 issue of Romantic Homes magazine.

I loved the cover, and it turns out that image was from this charming feature on hosting a Mother's Day tea party. Don't those sweet little rosebud sugar cubes make you want to run set a tea table?

And when I see photos of vintage china like this, well, they have reeled me in, hook, line and sinker. Passion for pink, anyone?


  1. Oh, yes, I have that passion! Hope I can find that magazine to drool over. Embrace the pink!

  2. Angela:
    I am sitting here with a stack of magazines - unopened. You know I am busy when my English Garden Magazine still has the plastic cover 2 weeks after arriving. I am sitting at the kitchen table - which is in the den on the carpet as the kitchen floor area is the PAINTING STATION. Messes bound. Right now, the magazines are on hold but I will be going to Virginia to visit my parents so that will be the perfect time!
    I did read (at work)the issue you are talking about and enjoyed it!

  3. Oh y es, ma'am, yes indeedy- especially this time of year.

    I have those almost exact sugar cubes.

    I am like Bernideen - in middle of some house changes and everything is all disorganized, all china put away, dining room table taken apart, etc.


    It's been a very long year with no real tea parties between that surgery and all this house junk, well, I just can't wait.

    You are the biggest tease, I must go grab that magazine!

  4. Yes, I love pink too. That looks like a nice issue of Romantic Homes.

  5. Angela I had the same exact reaction. I want to run and get my china cup when I see a beautiful tea photo shoot. Only problem is that the sugar cubes are too pretty to actually use. Looks like I have to pick up this magazine too! Thanks!

  6. Oh, yes! I LOVE pink- Some days I think I'll never get enough of it.

  7. I'll have to look for this magazine. I am definitely tempted by pink because the Royal Doulton Store sent an email with an Old Country Roses teacup and luncheon plate set featured in it.
    I keep telling myself I don't need any more cups or teapots. :-)

  8. What can I say but YES, I love pink! I have a pink house and love wearing pink.

    I picked up this issue of Romantic Homes on Monday and it is just Pinkalicious.

    Love the photos, Angela.
    Have a perfectly pink day!

    Mary Jane

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  10. Pink is definitely growing on me. I loved this issue of the magazine. I use to resist liking pink, as it was the color all the other girls liked. So I chose yellow, which I still like. But suddenly pink is grabbing me, especially for teatime.


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