Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teavivre's Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

Have you ever tried Dragon Pearls?

Oh, I do love this particular type of green tea, and over the weekend I tried some Dragon Pearls I received from Teavivre.

I've had this tea from other companies before, and because I knew that part of the enjoyment would be watching the leaves unfurl, I used a clear glass tea mug with an infuser insert that lifts out.

The leaves start to unfurl in the hot water, and I find it an elegant little process to observe.

I tend to like jasmine-flavored teas anyway, but I have to tell you, I took one sip of this tea and said, out loud (because I was alone at the time!), "WOW!" I'm not sure how they managed to develop that wonderful, rich buttery "mouth feel" in a green tea, but it was delightful. I steeped this just as suggested, for two minutes at about 176 degrees, and I can't help wondering if the shorter steeping time and lower temperature added to my enjoyment of this fine, fine tea! (Go here if you'd like more info on Teavivre teas.)


  1. When purchasing some teas recently, I wanted the Dragon Pearls but the price decided I should have the Butterfly Jasmine instead. I agree that there's nothing like a good quality tea, green or otherwise.

  2. This looks and sounds delicious!

  3. I've had Dragon Pearls before and enjoyed it. I like your mug, where did you find it?

  4. Sounds and looks delicious! Did you try re-steeping it? Wonder how it held up?


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