Thursday, September 13, 2012

Honey in my tea

Honey, can we talk? I'm betting I'm not the only allergy sufferer who is a tea drinker. Now spring allergies don't bother me a bit anymore, and I can practically bathe in yellow pollen and won't sneeze a bit. Fall is another story, and so I'm trying adding local honey to my tea.

I'd been meaning, for years now, to get some from the Exners, local beekeepers known for their great honey. I had gone to visit my friend Liz at her store in Senoia, Cydney's Alley, and as I sat there and blabbed with her, I was quite drowsy from the allergy tablets I'd taken. It so happened that a couple of customers came in and started asking about the honey she had on display. "Honey? You have honey? Where from?" Yep, it was from the Exners, so I took that as a definite sign I was supposed to leave with some! I don't usually sweeten my tea, so I added just about a teaspoonful. It made my Whittard's Breakfast Earl Grey taste even better than usual, but I wondered if that is enough to see "benefits." So if any of you are allergy-afflicted and sipping and/or eating honey from your area, I would welcome your advice.

Of course while I was at Liz's shop I had to browse the antiques. I saw this wonderful old aqua blue Avon glass jar, and naturally I decided I needed it for ...

... The Beach Cottage. Another advantage I see to life at the beach? No ragweed!


  1. Lovely photos and beautiful jar. My dog has the same allergy and we dread the Fall for that one reason. He is on meds til the first frost. I love tea with honey. I always have organic honey in my home. Deb

  2. Love that aqua glass jar. I need to remember to do the local honey thing, the ragweed and goldenrod are blooming here and I can feel it! Love that teacup, too.

  3. Avon produced so many gorgeous collectibles years ago, and I wish I had kept mine.
    As for honey, I only buy mine from a local source and feel the health benefits because it is not pasteurized are better.
    Honey is my preferred choice as a sweetener for tea and it would be nice if more restaurants would offer it.

  4. The jar will be perfect for the beach I am sure of that. Now I am curious about the honey too. I probably wouldn't put it in tea, but would love it with fresh squeezed lemon juice and maybe a slice of ginger.

  5. I love honey in my tea.

    My guys have more problems with allergies than I do. I've heard about using local honey to help with that. It makes sense & hot tea with honey is always good when you're sick with allergies. My favorite is chamomile when I'm sick.

    I use honey almost every day in Greek yogurt as well. Just a little bit to sweeten it. My husband uses it every day in hot tea. He's an insulin dependant diabetic & he recently discovered that honey helps steady his levels if he sips on tea sweetened with we buy a lot of it.

  6. I love that tea cup and saucer in your photo shoot!


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