Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A tea giveaway comes my way!

In 2012, the word "giveaway" on this blog has normally meant the giveaway I host each Saturday. Today, I am delighted to report that I have actually *won* a giveaway, and I was doing the happy dance when I saw this box from New York on my front steps!

Ruthie and Barbara of Lady B's Time for Tea recently offered this giveaway prize package, and I couldn't believe it when my name was chosen! First, there was a beautiful box of Tea Time notecards from Laurel Ink.

I was looking at the five different designs of the cards when I realized the envelopes are decorated too in a pretty pink design. Lovely!

Bookmarks are always useful since I read more than one book at a time, and this teacup design bookmark is particularly welcome!

In all my years of tea collecting, I have never owned a tea-themed keychain before, but I do now. Isn't this great!

And there was even a sampler of teabags for me to enjoy. I have to tell you that though I am very much enjoying the giveaways I've hosted this year, it was pretty awesome to be the recipient of one as well! (Thanks again, Ruthie and Barbara!)


  1. Congrats to you. What a lovely give-away. Enjoy trying the new teas. Deb

  2. Lots of tea goodies, and it's nice to see you on the receiving end for a change Angela.

  3. YAY!! Finally your turn.

    Neat-o giftie gifts, too!

    Look for my post about my recent giveaway win soon!

    Have a tea-lightful day, Angela!

  4. Congratulations, it is very fitting for you to be the receiver! Enjoy!

  5. Yay!! You definitely deserved a nice batch of giveaway goodies for a change. Enjoy! :)

  6. wonderful gift box. enjoy :-)

  7. Congratulations! Looks like a fun box to open!

  8. What a perfect giveaway for you to win! It was made for you. I love the key chain too, I've never seen one of these.

  9. Tea Blessings were sent your way !
    I am sure that you will enjoy your goodies. So Happy for you !!!

  10. What a nice give-a-way, and I'm happy you were the winner!

  11. Congratulations! I'm glad to see you changed rolls and received a giveaway. Enjoy.

  12. Great giveaway, Angela - so glad that you won it! Congratulations, Joanie

  13. Dear Angela,
    So happy the package arrived safely and that you are enjoying your goodies. It must make you feel so good to know how happy everyone was that you won.
    Enjoy it all.
    I always look forwaard to coming to Tea with Friends!
    Blessings, Ruthie

  14. That would be exciting to be the recipient of this lovely give away. Congratulations, you are a winner for sure!


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