Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gifts from the library tea

This display table at the Friends of the Library Tea on Saturday featured some copies of my own book, "Dainty Dining," that are now in the collection of the Central Library, as well as the five tea books I discussed during my talk. The books, which represented some of my all-time favorite tea titles, included "If Teacups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes, "For All the Tea in China" by Sarah Rose, "Death by Darjeeling" by Laura Childs, "Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn" by Jan Whitaker, and "The Harney and Sons Guide to Tea" by Michael Harney. On the left of the table you can see a pretty gift bag and a box wrapped in yellow paper, and I was tickled to learn both gifts were for me!

Inside the yellow box was this beautiful bib-style pink apron in a tea fabric I've never seen before. How perfect!

And in the gift bag were more wonderful and much-appreciated gifts: some green tea cakes, some chocolates for candy making (I used them the very next day) and, to my delight, six matching silver teaspoons with teapots on them! I don't have more than four matching teaspoons in any single pattern, so this set of six was a most welcome gift.

I also got to take home the beautiful fall flowers that had decorated the display table. Don't quite feel that I deserved all the fuss, but it sure was nice to be treated to such lovely, lovely gifts!


  1. Lovely gifts, for a lovely lady and great speaker! [I've never heard you speak, but I just know you must be great!]

  2. Love the apron, haven't seen that print either. How lovely to be the recipient of such generous gifts. You deserve it.

  3. Hi Angela
    I'll bet your talk was interesting, I know I would have loved to hear it. It's nice to receive thoughtful gifts after a presentation, sometimes better than a cash fee.

  4. i am so glad for the pretty things you received as you bring so much joy to people through this blog!

  5. Really nice !!!!
    What a wonderful surprise

  6. Your talk was so interesting, Angela
    you are a great speaker! I'm glad that they picked out such nice gifts.

  7. What a thrill to have your book in the library!!!


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