Thursday, September 6, 2012

My latest decorating project

My teatime projects don't normally center around the bathroom, thank goodness, but today is a rare exception to that rule. I had decided that since my husband and I are both writers, it might be fun to redecorate the downstairs bathroom with a "writing" theme. To my surprise, some tea things ended up in there as well!

My bottle of ink (I wrote about it here) wins a spot on the shelf and happens to be tea-colored ink.

If you were reading a year ago, you may remember that this is not in fact a teapot but something of great use to writers. (A friend of mine says it would be great for espionage. She may be right!)

I'm still looking for a cheap old display shelf to decoupage with script style papers, but for now I've got a tissue box sitting on a vintage tea chest. I have long loved things with type and/or handwriting on them, and I'm enjoying gathering them for this room.

It took me a while to locate the right mirror, and naturally I found it at T.J. Maxx.

And the bright logo and type on this travel candle appealed to me when I saw it at an antique mall a while back, but I just don't pay $20 for candles. Happily, I found the same candle at Barnes and Noble last week for $9.95!

The Tea Leaves and Bergamot scent is perfect for a guest bathroom, and I'm happy to have found yet another "touch of tea" for a most unexpected part of the house!


  1. Good morning Angela,
    Take a trip over to Lady B's and I think you will find a nice surprise.
    Ruthie from:

  2. I really like your new decorating scheme.

  3. What a fun theme, and you've captured it well! I *love* the vintage tea chest!

  4. Angela, you have put together a perfect themed space! Love it!

    I laughed out loud going back to your old post about that tea pot. How clever~!

  5. What a cute way to decorate your guest bathroom and so reflective of the owner!

  6. Love all your touches of tea! I remember the little "what is it" teapot, it was one of the first posts I read when I found your blog. Now I am going back and read about the ink bottle.
    And congrats on the Lady B's thing...

  7. I adore this - now I want to decorate my own bath with writing and tea themes as a tea-addicted writer! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh I love seeing how you are decorating your bathroom and incorporating tea with writing. Just lovely!


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