Friday, March 30, 2012

Teapot & teacup cakes — by the master!

Looking at pictures of fancy cakes is one of my guilty pleasures. I say "guilty" because I do not, in fact, intend ever to make one of these cakes, I just like to look at them. I thought about trying to make one once for, oh, about five minutes, until I realized I would need about a month of classes and $500 worth of equipment just to get started. Not gonna happen. So now I happily look at all the pretty pictures of the pretty cakes. And nobody makes them any prettier than the legendary Sylvia Weinstock, whose lovely book "Sensational Cakes" I recently came across.

I first read about her work in Victoria magazine years ago, and I have been a fan ever since. Interestingly, she is a firm believer in using buttercream and not the fondant favored by so many cake bakers today. Here are some of her teacup cakes featured in one chapter of the book. Gorgeous!

The book also tells about the bride whose pewter collection inspired this magnificent teapot cake. Wonderful!

Finally, I wanted to tease the book by showing you a glimpse from the chapter on cakes inspired by the famous wares and teawares of Mackenzie-Childs. I love this company's designs, and seeing them transformed into cake is simply brilliant. Bake on, Ms. Weinstock!

Note: Today I also have a blog post up about a new book on Gimbels at my Dainty Dining blog. Please go here if you'd like to see it!


  1. What a beautiful pictures!!! I love those creative (and gorgeous) cakes... I started trying to make but I have to study more and more and more (practice makes perfection)!
    (If you want, look at my blog - there is some examples there)

    Perhaps someday I´ll achieve the level of your book´s cakes..hehehe :D

    Thanks for posting

  2. those are completely amazing cakes! I would love to learn that.

  3. What a talent! Well, I am starting a cake decorating course in April to improve my skills and make something that looks appealing.
    I doubt I'll ever master a teapot though. :-)

  4. Okay, I've taken a cake decorating class and I've certainly spent well over $500 on supplies and such, but have yet to achieve this level of skill. Stunning artistry!

  5. What beautiful, edible creations. I wonder how long it takes her to decorate them. I would hate to cut into something that lovely!

  6. Gulp. Um - those are CAKES!?????

    I can't even decorate a gingerbread man to look like a man.

    I am in awe (and completley agree with you that there is no way EVER I am going to attempt to make a pretty cake, not gonna happen.)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Angela,

    The tea themed cakes are gorgeous!

    Do you plan to make your own version? If anyone can do it, you can. :)

    Blessings, Darlene

  8. Wow! Those are amazing cakes. And I am just going to challenge myself to make a Victorian Sponge cake soon, but decorations not necessary.

  9. Wow. Those pictures are amazing.

  10. Such eye candy, Angela - these cakes are gorgeous! I prefer the butter cream frosting to the fondant. Thanks for posting, Joanie


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